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a person to whom money is paid

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The solution then validates form data including SSN and EIN numbers against the IRS database, collects the chosen tax form and other ID information digitally, calculates payee withholding requirements based on the income types of payments made, and then generates a summary of withholding instructions for the payer.
6050W payments if a payee has not furnished a correct TIN to a PSE.
Guided by a CPA adviser, the alternate payee can elect the form in which to receive benefits, generally under either a "shared payment" or "separate interest" approach.
4) Once a withholding agent has an obligation to make a qualifying cross-border payment, the agent must obtain information from the foreign payee, regarding significant financial involvement the payee has with U.
Use your accounting software to track payments to your 1099 payees over the course of the year.
The payee receives a mail notification via their DOCOMO mobile phone and is given the option of depositing the money in a domestic bank account or having the amount credited to their monthly DOCOMO phone bill.
NTT Docomo customers will only be required to put the cellphone number of the payee into their mobile phone and the payee will be required to specify bank accounts to which Mizuho Bank will transfer the money, the sources said.
Improving the social security representative payee program; serving beneficiaries and minimizing misuse.
Getting started: Your bank's site will walk you through the steps of registering the accounts you wish to pay bills from and the payee accounts you wish to send money to.
Transactions on Existing Business: Transactions on existing policies that change identifying information, or introduce a new party, such as a third-party claimant or other payee, should be reviewed to assure that the new information or new party does not trigger a match to OFAC lists.
If the owner's usual wish were that the debt be paid in the same currency as that which he handed over, because he favored the payee's own good to that of the envoy's, and the payee wanted to employ it in lesser expenses with an equal or greater benefit in the exchange, the envoy shall be forced to restitute the payee of all the profit he was deprived of, unless he delivers coins of the same quality as those received.
A particular focus of its system is the payee name, since "fraud artists have resorted to altering or modifying the payee name on stolen checks with valid serial numbers an amounts, says Edward Regina, vice president at JPMorgan Treasury Services.
Lending institutions assert that naming a creditor as loss payee for business interruption insurance does nothing more than protect the lender against a covered loss to the debtor's property.
Female Customer Type Status * Mrs Ames Payee U Mary Archer Depositor C Mrs Jane Armytage Payee CF Mrs Begiant Payee CF Mrs Bennett Payee C Mrs Mary Ann Beveridge Payee CF Mrs Brodie Payee U Mrs Brown(e) Payee U Mrs Campbell Payee, BC shareholder Mrs Clarke Payee U Miss Collicott Payee CF Mrs Cooper Payee C/CF?
Postal officials warn that some criminals target mail boxes, stealing checks for ``washing'' - erasing the payee and amount, then forging a new name and amount and cashing the check.