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a check issued in payment of wages or salary

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It's important to educate employees on ways they can increase savings and stretch their paycheck for long-term financial stability.
He said : 'We hope that our new and improved app will make it easy for users to check the accuracy of their take home pay on payday and also start to proactively manage their paycheck settings.
Like them, Quinn will also go without a paycheck until the system is reformed.
Answer: For final paycheck purposes, the bureau defines "business day" as Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays, during the hours the employer conducts business operations.
Contact your Senators today to urge their opposition to the Paycheck Fairness Act before the Senate returns next week.
The findings, which were published in the September issue of the Journal of Marketing, examine how consumers' behaviors change as the length of time from their last paycheck increases.
Thirty-four percent of workers say they would need up to an additional 4500 Kroner per paycheck to live comfortably.
Even those at the top of the income scale are struggling--nearly one in five workers (19 percent) who earn $100,000 or more report they often or always live paycheck to paycheck.
Direct a portion of your paycheck to a money market account to shore up your savings and emergency cash reserve.
Earning minimum wage at her cashier job at an arts-and-crafts store, the Canyon County teen quit her job because there wasn't much left to her paycheck after taxes and paying for gas.
So Monday, February 13, as directed by the California labor board after numerous ex-employees filed official grievances, QTN asked several key staffers to return to work on a part-time basis, and all of them received their January paycheck as they walked in the door.
226 has for many years required employers to give employees an itemized statement along with each paycheck that contains the basis for wage earnings and all deductions.
So instead of taking $100 out of my paycheck and using it to send checks to nonworking individuals, the government takes $100 out of my paycheck and puts it into a "safe" account I cannot touch.
An online product called One Paycheck at a Time is available for banks to license and brand for use by customers on the bank's website.