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money that you currently expect to pay on notes and accounts

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A Trade Payables program is an easily assimilated, inexpensive and customizable solution that augments, but does not replace, existing accounts receivables programs.
In such cases, the cash-basis payables are not deemed partnership liabilities and the expenses are deductible by the transferor as paid, under Sec.
As a series of variable-rate receivables and a series of fixed-rate unconditional payables to be settled by net payments after setoff.
The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN), an Atlanta-based provider of Web-based A/P services, research and tools, has released a full-fledged version of its Tools Suite.
The application attaches the expense receipts to the invoice created when the expense report is imported into Oracle Payables, enabling accounts payable departments to quickly locate and review receipts after reimbursement, perhaps as part of an audit.
Targeted at businesses with significant A/P overhead, the patent-pending Emergis[R] e-Invoicing for Payables solution is geared towards increasing control over cash outflows while reducing A/P costs and enabling more accurate cash management through enhanced invoice and payment visibility.