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expend, as from a fund


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The council is too secretive BIRMINGHAM City Council refusing to reveal details of which schools were involved in the huge extraordinary pay-outs for accidents and incidents hardly falls in line with Sir Albert Bores 'openness and transparency' administration (Mail, April 7).
Dividend pay-outs during the three months to the end of March were 10.
BANKS nearly doubled compensation pay-outs to small firms last month over claims that they were mis-sold complex financial products known as interest rate swaps.
Wesleyan's pay-out compares with pounds 28,072 last year.
Global Banking News-May 23, 2014--HSBC again under fire for bonus pay-outs
Mr Urmston said it had cut this year's pay-out after achieving a formidable 18 per cent investment return last year.
Part of the reason for the spectacular fall is that the bumper pay-outs in the past were boosted by firms paying big "terminal bonuses" when policies matured.
The pay-outs represent an almost four-fold increase on the previous year's dividend.
Lex chief executive Andy Harrison said the full members - including racing driver Damon Hill, actor Richard Wilson and designer Paul Smith - would receive the cash pay-outs if the deal was approved in a vote.
But given the choice was between some money now or the vague possibility of a pay-out in several years time that's hardly surprising.
Extra bonuses paid out of Wesleyan's free assets to reflect its mutual ownership accounted for pounds 79 of the ten-year endowment pay-out and pounds 82 of the ten-year pension plan.
Former shipyard workers face new hurdle in pay-out bid
Leeds City Council reduced its pay-out bill from pounds 1.
General Secretary Paul Kenny said: "The fact that they each only pay 10% tax on this pounds 50m pay-out shows how the Government have failed completely to deal with the abuse of the financial and tax systems by the private equity elite and shows that the system is rotten to its core.