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What do you pay for a stuff gown for the wife of the laborer or the mechanic?
The pile of cuffs grew into a mountain, and Martin knew that he was doomed to toil for a thousand years to pay for them.
You've said nothing about receiving the pay for your turns, and that's one of the points of the feature.
Charley Welsh is sick, and his sister wants to know if she can come out this afternoon and draw his pay for him?
Desiree laid down two napoleons, keeping the five francs to pay for some necessaries, and then she took me in her hands, as if to ascertain whether she had done too much.
Balfour," replied Alan, "by all that I could hear, there were two ways of it: either ye liked David and would pay to get him back; or else ye had very good reasons for not wanting him, and would pay for us to keep him.
I'm a man o' principle," said Ebenezer, simply; "and if I have to pay for it, I'll have to pay for it.
I will take you at the regular pace, gentlemen; shillings don't pay for putting on the steam like that.
Jerry patted me on the neck: "No, Jack, a shilling would not pay for that sort of thing, would it, old boy?
You have saved me more than money can ever pay for.
Once a cyclone had carried away Uncle Henry's house, so that he was obliged to build another; and as he was a poor man he had to mortgage his farm to get the money to pay for the new house.
If you are operating in a location where it's considered acceptable--or even necessary--to pay for coverage, you should at least seek to ensure that the payment is openly acknowledged in the article or program.
In qualified plans covered by section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, withdrawals generally are not subject to federal income tax if the money is used to pay for qualified educational expenses.
Thus, while some employers may be tempted to fund amounts sufficient to pay for catastrophic illnesses in retirement, an actuarial determination of funding for those amounts would consider the likelihood that those costs would actually be incurred.
Welcome to the world of physician pay for performance.