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the act of reducing a salary


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Shirakura said the duration of the pay cut is yet undecided, and that it will depend on the ''social situation.
Showa Denko said it expects the job cuts to save 8 billion yen and the pay cuts to save 2 billion yen.
THE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN has cast a pall over CEO compensation, but that doesn't mean that CEO pay cuts or rollbacks are in the offing.
said Monday that about half the workforce of its six-company group will move on to a new pay system in which workers will accept pay cuts in return for a guarantee they will not be transferred.
Massive layoffs and pay cuts seem certain, as does a return to the kind of 19th-century-style labor relations that has burdened American industry.
Pay Cuts Effective Immediately & Will Continue Through These Recessionary Times
Members of the controlling Labour group voted for the pay cut, delivering on an election pledge to share the pain of service cuts.
This had not crossed the mind of anyone when the pay cuts were being made in the broader sector.
Biden's pay cut plan is similar to Attorney General Eric Holder's.
ALL police officers should be made to take an annual fitness test, with a pay cut for those who repeatedly fail, a review has said.
DAVID MOYES has suggested "everyone in the Premier League" could take a 20% pay cut to make football more affordable for fans.
Global Banking News-August 25, 2011--Goldman Sachs International invokes pay cut clause(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
SO now we know, it would appear that the employees of the Vale council are going to take a pay cut so the council can save money ("Wages 'shock' for low-paid council staff, Echo, April 4").
COMMUNITIES and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles called on town hall 'fat cats' to take a pay cut today, telling them: "It's your turn now".
JOBSEEKERS are willing to agree a pay cut or take a more junior role to land a position in the tough economic climate, a new study shows.