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the act of reducing a salary


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His 5 Live co-host Rachel Burden revealed she earned around PS130,000 and it is thought Campbell's salary will now be similar to hers, and he will earn a total of around PS300,000 Meanwhile, Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine, on up to PS749,999 a year, also confirmed a pay cut.
PSC had sued the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) seeking to have a gazette notice which stipulates implementation of the pay cut quashed.
Certainly for some workers who make it through this crisis, not accepting a pay cut could be a wise decision.
Chief Financial Officer David Foy also had a pay cut, earning $4.
However, this pay cut has come about 'in the wake of the damming Kerslake review of the city council and the damming budget problems, much of the financial responsibility of the chairmen was removed.
5 per cent pay cut for public sector employees only, leaving semi-governmental employees' privileges intact.
A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "At no stage has the Welsh Government or NHS Wales employers suggested any form of pay cut for staff.
Option #2: LeBron Gets Max; Bosh and Wade Take Significant Pay Cut (The Realistic Proposition)
1% of its working population receiving a pay cut, followed by 34.
It is expected that bankers in the company will have to take a 25 percent pay cut.
Directors, supervisors, and employees ranking below vice presidents are not subject to the pay cut.
8 percent pay cut, together with another bill intended to expand the labor rights of public servants.
Union leaders are threatening strike action after Shropshire County Council told its 6,500 staff they will be out of a job in September unless they take a pay cut.
THE threat of a 5% pay cut for thousands of council workers has been lifted, a union has claimed.
WHEN Steve Stewart decided to volunteer for a 5% pay cut, he also chose to restrict knowledge of his actions to those who had to be informed.