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pay (for something) with cash

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OTCBB: CPQQ) buy back shares and pay cash dividend to all shareholders by utilizing a portion of the cash, which is $24,541,712 on the balance sheet as of March 31st, 2012.
Pay cash, and if you can't, improvise and do without.
Customers can pay cash in via 7,400 PayPoints nationwide.
Upon conversion, the issuer must pay cash for the obligation's accreted value (the debt's carrying amount at conversion) and may satisfy the conversion spread (the excess conversion value over the accreted value) in either cash or stock.
com), a premier online source for all things fragrance and beauty and specializing in hard-to-find niche products, is making online shopping easier with the implementation of eBillme(TM), a safe and secure way to pay cash online using online banking and walk-in locations.
Young persons can pay cash on the turnstiles for the Kop, Paddocks and Johnny King Stand with photographic proof of age (passport or drivers licence), or purchase tickets for the Main Stand from ticket office.
The department's demand - made as part of its investigation of the hospital anesthesiologists' former practice of requiring Medi-Cal patients to pay cash for anesthesia during childbirth - could cost the hospital $40,000 to $120,000 in reimbursements.
So it was imperative that a means be found for the large number of Indians without a credit card or a net banking facility to be able to make online rail ticket reservations and pay cash.
I know in future I'll always use the 08 Shop and always pay cash.
Depending on your finances, experts say, consumers might want to finance out-of-pocket expenses into the new rate, thereby avoiding having to pay cash upfront to cover closing costs.
The LYONs do not pay cash interest, while the 8 3/4 percent convertible subordinated debentures do.
We don't purchase anything on credit unless we can pay off the hill amount in less than 30 days; otherwise we pay cash, which keeps us debt-free.
It is designed to appeal to customers who traditionally would choose to pay cash.
The company will pay cash for any fractional shares that may be issuable as a result of the stock dividend.
SHS's target market is patients who pay cash for their medical care at the point of service.