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pay (for something) with cash

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When Apple customers receive money on a supported device, the money is added to their new Apple Pay Cash card.
iOS 11 brings numerous features and improvements to Apple devices, including Apple Pay Cash, augmented reality, a new Control Center and Live Photos.
It'll be interesting to observe whether Apple Pay Cash can put a dent in Venmo's growth trajectory.
Discover has announced that transactions made with Apple's new Apple Pay Cash card leverage the Discover Network, the company said.
They can use money with Apple Pay Cash in stores, on the web or in apps.
This new system will penalize thousands of residents and out-of-state travelers who prefer to pay cash and/or don't use toll roads on a regular basis.
The bank is said to be in talks with UK Financial Investments Ltd (UKFI), a government body that owns 83 per cent of the bank, to get approval to pay cash bonuses to employees.
When I pay cash at a store, it helps my neighbor as well as me.
He said: "Initially it was a small amount of money that was taken and split between them after a supplier suggested it was best to pay cash in hand.
The risk-free interest rate is the benefit received for owning rights in stock without having to pay cash to purchase the stock.
If you buy rather than lease, and if you pay cash, you don't have the built-in interest that comes with leasing.
But the account, run with Bank of Scotland, will cost pounds 12 a year and customers will only be able to pay cash in.
Besides saving nearly $3,000 in interest payments, being able to pay cash can help knock the price down.
Upon conversion, the issuer must pay cash to debt holders at the conversion value (the number of shares the holder is entitled to upon conversion x the stock price on the conversion date).
While the Board intends that Center Financial will continue to pay cash dividends for the foreseeable future, no assurances are given that the performance of the company or Center Bank will justify the payment of cash dividends by Center Financial in any given period, or that the amount of any cash dividend paid will be the same as or greater than prior cash dividends paid.