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(Roman Catholic Church) a greeting signifying Christian love for those assisting at the Eucharist

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VOYAGER a) Olympic Voyager b) Olympia Voyager (2000) Iberojet Cruceros, Bahamas, 24,391 grt, 590' x 84', 836 pax.
VOYAGER OF THE SEAS (1999) Royal Caribbean International, Bahamas, 137,276 grt, 1,020' x 127', 3,138 pax.
Pax, which is headquartered in Portsmouth, USA, has AUM of GBP 3.
Under the deal, Impax acquired 100% of Pax at an initial valuation of USD 52.
Such growth has led to mergers, which meant that Pax, as a pioneer was "getting a lot of attention during the past year," said Keefe.
The Pax board still must approve the deal, and a proxy spelling out details will be released soon, Keefe said.
2 -- color) Pax Prentiss, left, and his father, Chris Prentiss, stand on the lawn at the Passages rehab facility overlooking Point Dume in Malibu.
Pax Prentiss, 32, above right, was addicted to heroin, cocaine and alcohol for 10 years, before becoming sober with the help of his father, Chris Prentiss, right.
At the national council's meeting last summer in Virginia, LeCompte became one of three young people to sit on the council, the first time that has happened since Pax Christi USA began in 1972.
Since then, the youth forum has been a leaven in Pax Christi.
While NBC mulls its eventual plans for the channel, Pax continues to go through the motions of a TV net: creating series, announcing fall skeds and selling ad time.
That's partly because Pax has so far steered clear of taking any risky gambits, such as pouring money into lavish, expensive productions.
Almost 30 years after the founding of Pax Christi USA, the U.
The cascade of literature that emanates from Pax Christi USA makes clear that the organization calls for a reduction in arms trade and military spending.
In a recent Nilson Report, PAX was listed as the fastest growing of the Top 10 terminal manufacturers with a 54% increase in global sales in 2008.