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Synonyms for pawpaw

tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit

small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit

fruit with yellow flesh

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At some point, despite warnings from his father, my son decided to climb one of my mother's pawpaw trees that was not strong enough to bear his weight.
But as I write this in early spring, I'm enjoying the mead cloudy, as my backyard pawpaw trees awaken, their flower buds swelling with the promise of even more fruit.
Then one warm mid-October day, when my dad and I were hiking along the banks of Michigan's Muskegon River looking for a good place to fish, I unknowingly walked right into the middle of a thicket of pawpaw trees.
The same old hike allowed me to finally recognize the pawpaw trees on the right day so I could snag some of the custard-like fruit before the Shenandoah's other inhabitants discovered them.
Beyond the Pawpaw Trees (54) takes Lavinia Brown into an entrancing nonsensical wonderland and The Silver Nutmeg (56) is an illogically logical sequel and is just as charmingly captivating: 9.
3) We used the seeds of the flame and pawpaw trees to count.
They also totally destroyed our two-foot tall pawpaw trees, lilac bush, and my three-foot tall fig tree.
A spring-fed stream shaded by spicebush and pawpaw trees runs down the hollow's center.
Endangered species of pawpaw trees in Florida, for example, grow what botanists call recalcitrant seeds, which don't survive drying and freezing in seed banks.