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a shop where loans are made with personal property as security

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Despite all of the changes that new management has implemented, the fundamentals remain the same and Jewelry-N-Loan continues to be a family owned pawnshop that not only offers jewelry and watches at heavily discounted prices, but also aggressively purchases from the public at large.
Unlike credit from banks and payday lenders, pawnshop loans do not depend on credit scores and are available to anyone.
22 at a pawnshop many years ago (serial number 216XXXF) with no box but both .
Prior studies have shown the importance of the Islamic pawnshop, or Ar-Rahnu scheme, to Muslim societies.
Over the last 12 months it saw takings top pounds 54m and now hopes to see business rise as high as pounds 65m by the end of this year, as it grows its chain and increasingly attracts customers who once would never have ventured into a pawnshop.
It's a long way to the pawnshop, it's a long way to go
When picturing a pawnshop, it's hard not to imagine a stern-faced pawnbroker, his suspicious eyes flickering over a collection of cameras, jewelry and rifles, all locked behind fire safes and barred windows.
Even if you have never been in a pawnshop before, you know where the Happy Hocker is located.
Manila A burglar is being hunted by police after robbing a pawnshop and leaving his wallet and identification card at the scene.
Jewellery was also removed from the safe at a pawnshop in Belfast city centre yesterday after the victim, 30, was held overnight by a masked gang on Wednesday.
To bring some order and rules into the business, this year the state adopted a regulation in February 2009 stipulating the way a pawnshop should function.
Among those less traditional lending institutions is the pawnshop, which in recent months has been serving a broader clientele, including many people who may never have thought until recently that they would be seeking assistance from a pawnbroker.
Tim Adams, owner of Checkmate Pawn, has apparently abandoned plans to build a new 9,000-square-foot, two-story location for his pawnshop at 3325 Northwest Ave.
State company Perum Pegadaian that runs pawnshop chains in the country plans to issue bonds valued at Rp1.
Eugene resident Melvin Smith was reunited with his Winchester rifle this week after paying off a loan at Best Cash pawnshop in Springfield.