pawnbroker's shop

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a shop where loans are made with personal property as security

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July 9, 1915: Elland Town Council had an application for a pawnbroker's shop .
I looked again this week and discovered that it is a pawnbroker's shop.
THE former post office in Coventry's Hertford Street is to be converted into a pawnbroker's shop.
Paul Reid, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Lawley was spotted in a pawnbroker's shop trying to sell a ring.
Molly looked in the window of George Sturla's Pawnbroker's shop at the myriad of objects on display, and there he was again, the little golden butterfly with the purple-bordered wings.
But you have never seen a fighter with bigger b***s - one more and he could open a pawnbroker's shop.
They were discovered in a city pawnbroker's shop after a woman from St Mellons, Cardiff, was arrested on suspicion of deception.
A STASH of jewellery, believed to have been stolen, turned up in a Birmingham pawnbroker's shop.
Herbert Brown said its pawnbroking service would be a far cry from the old-fashioned image of a pawnbroker's shop - with an environment more akin to a modern high street bank.
The name probably comes from the fact that it was also listed as a Pawnbroker's shop.
The jewellery, worth about pounds 3,000, was recovered from a pawnbroker's shop where it had been pawned for pounds 170.
A STASH of jewellery believed to have been stolen in Solihull turned up in a pawnbroker's shop.
For instance, as part of an exhibition on the growth of commercial life I spotted a Victorian pawnbroker's shop, complete in every detail.
The PlayStation was later found in a local pawnbroker's shop, again with Lewis' prints on it.