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No doubt, having seen my chapbook's preface and my Accent essay, with my youthfully pawky criticism of religion's influence on Hopkins, the Jesuits must have, understandably, felt that even as I deprecated religion in general and Christianity in particular, I had misinterpreted them and, therefore, Hopkins no less.
In its place, the folksiness of the stand-up seaside comic, the pawky little guy with the eye for the main chance.
And in his pawky way, Jarrell got the story down: he exposed the plight of the contemporary poet as no one else has done.
That must be his speech arriving," said a pawky Scottish humorist.
CHICAGO -- Pawky, a web-based community for short film and online distribution, today launched "One of Many Pawky Shorts 2006," a DVD compilation of hand-picked, award-winning short films.
The Tak[sz]cs Quartet is as adept with Haydn's pawky humour as they are with high drama, and smiling was irresistible at their handling of the finale's nod-and-awink jokes.
His pawky Scots accent and sometime social awkwardness are frankly embarrassing to the Parliamentary toffs, especially the men in tights who draw sixfigure salaries to "guard" the palace where people like Martin used to be the maintenance men rather than the head honcho.
Toms' pawky performance in this year's Majors (36th, 45th, 83rd) has to be a concern to sellers but in between times he has managed seven top-ten finishes and he has the driving accuracy and positional sense to be a real factor here.
If the sentimentalized pawky Scots caricature was still exported to Canada and Australia by the likes of Harry Lauder, at home it was a different matter entirely.
Relative loss of prosperity compared with Glasgow generated a pawky, Presbyterian provincial culture in Edinburgh, run by canny clerics, lawyers and bankers, vastly different from the proud, elegant Athenians of the North of earlier generations.
I felt the same about a lot of the painting of the time, wandering past acres of acrylic gesture and pawky assemblage and tending to remember only the odd anecdote--such as that of a cast of Jasper Johns's cock being included in a work by Robert Rauschenberg.
Sure we had many stars on Saturday - most of them starting with M - and not forgetting Barry Ferguson, who to me is like a Hollywood-archetypical Scottish soldier, short, pawky, terrier-like.
One who should go close is Greg Owen, an impressive sixth after opening with a pawky 73 last week.
For all its apparent simplicity, this is a major proposal for the second station of a city that is trying to grow up out of pawky provinciality to its true status as one of the great capitals of Europe.