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Robert Bolt's story of Sir Thomas More's stand against Henry VIII and his Act of Reformation begins beguilingly with a pawky, mischievous prologue delivered so disarmingly by Tony Bell's Common Man, and it ends with the same actor as More's executioner - which could perhaps be interpreted as a fate inflicted on the Lord Chancellor by a citizen who did not speak up in support of him.
I run into David, the outspoken protester from the Kerry rally, standing next to a pawky, whey-faced fellow.
Finally unveiled three years behind programme and ten times over its original (albeit woefully underestimated) budget, it is an audacious, intensely wrought vision of modern government and national identity that re-envisages the Scots as progressive, free-spirited romantics, rather than pawky, purse-lipped Presbyterians.
And the star manager, a waspish, soft-spoken Irishman with a pawky sense of humour and a bite like a rattlesnake.
No doubt, having seen my chapbook's preface and my Accent essay, with my youthfully pawky criticism of religion's influence on Hopkins, the Jesuits must have, understandably, felt that even as I deprecated religion in general and Christianity in particular, I had misinterpreted them and, therefore, Hopkins no less.
In its place, the folksiness of the stand-up seaside comic, the pawky little guy with the eye for the main chance.
Produced to the highest standards, and written with a light touch if occasionally betraying a rather pawky sense of humor, Trebilcock's lengthy but rarely dull account is likely to become a classic of British business history.
Illustration, for example, is fairly pawky and paltry, mainly line-drawings rather than photos (one of these, of the Vix crater, is reversed), and all in black-and-white.
And in his pawky way, Jarrell got the story down: he exposed the plight of the contemporary poet as no one else has done.
What is certain is that a pawky MacMoliere tradition has emerged.
There is a pawky mixture of painful sincerity and self-regard in this material that feels a bit post-adolescent, and the love story is so naked in its emotionality that it provokes some embarrassment--whether C.
That must be his speech arriving," said a pawky Scottish humorist.
CHICAGO -- Pawky, a web-based community for short film and online distribution, today launched "One of Many Pawky Shorts 2006," a DVD compilation of hand-picked, award-winning short films.
A chat with the Bailie among his toys, and a whiff of his pawky humour, revives us--but only for a moment.
The Tak[sz]cs Quartet is as adept with Haydn's pawky humour as they are with high drama, and smiling was irresistible at their handling of the finale's nod-and-awink jokes.