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Synonyms for pauperization

a state of extreme poverty or destitution

the act of making someone poor

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The authorized 1872 French translation of Volume I Das Kapital, where in Chapter XXV the above-mentioned phrase about the impact of numerous circumstances on the pauperization law was significantly changed, gave some clarity.
The social leveling was achieved only through the depopulation and pauperization of the great majority of the collectivist peasantry.
Bavinck refuses to leave this as an abstract principle; three controversial imperatives follow from our cruciform life: preventing pauperization and accumulation of capital and landed property on the one side, and on the positive side, ensuring as much as possible a living wage for every person.
The pauperization of the working class is not only the result but the prevailing determinant of capitalist accumulation--its law of motion.
While it is true that in the 2000s, general economic and social conditions did improve across the region, the first few years of the processes of transformation brought about a drastic pauperization of society.
The process of pauperization of the population is constant, and the enormous unemployment rate remains (nearly) on the same level.
Five areas are identified where liberals saw empire as especially important: channelling the massive emigration from Germany in a manner beneficial to the national community; securing markets and products necessary for economic development; establishing Germany as a world power of the first rank; bringing improvement to "inferior peoples"; and relieving social problems of poverty and pauperization.
In one of the three essays that I wrote for my PhD dissertation, I used the tools of economics to explain why the free trade that the British imposed on India in the nineteenth century had led to its pauperization.
There were the burdens of the colonial history of Aboriginal pauperization, institutionalization and moral governance and the feelings of social solidarity that arose from these experiences, as against contemporary micro-politics of fragmentation and factionalism.
Planning: How Government Stifles Economic Growth: "The pauperization of Micronesia was a direct result of foreign aid.
In agriculture, the many EEC reforms and the massive budget devoted to agricultural policy could not prevent the pauperization of farmers.
Apart from the growth of the Islamists' commercial and professional strata, as well as the NIF commercial businesses and relief agencies, the negative results of privatization policies embraced a high rate of pauperization among the farming and the working classes of the population.
At the same time, the contraction of economic activity and the growing pauperization of the Palestinian population during the Intifada caused a decline in the importation of consumer goods from Israel (ibid: 35), thus also contributing to the increase in the weight of electricity, fuel and gas out of total Palestinian imports.
The Kochis gradually became wealthy businessmen as they had engaged in trade and provided loans to the local farmers that further contributed to the pauperization of the Hazaras.
Prudence alone dictates that we act quickly to prevent the extinction of species and, with it, the pauperization of Earth's ecosystems--hence, of the Creation.