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a state of extreme poverty or destitution

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And be astonished if you can at the pauperism and the crimes that now disgrace this once happy and Moral England.
Mutatis mutandis, Glover's rendition of White's purposes has obvious resonance for today: his 'ambition was to produce a kind of racial common sense that would alter the climate of opinion in which immigration and pauperism were discussed, nudging it closer towards the putative sciences of race' (p86).
Policy makers and intellectuals generally accepted as fact the claim made in Frederick Hoffman's The Race Traits and Tendencies of the American Negro that "crime, pauperism, and sexual immorality" among blacks were biologically determined.
With wages falling, pauperism spreading, unrest increasing, and the English gentry all too aware of revolutionary events across the Channel in France, the law provided that any worker who could not earn enough to feed his family was entitled to supplemental relief from the local parish tied to the price of bread--"a minimum income should be assured to the poor irrespective of their earning" But the law, like a badly designed modern welfare program, backfired.
Racist social workers argued that the Blacks had naturally lower standards of living, thus masking the extent of their "true pauperism.
26) The Our Towns report defined the "problem family" as "always on the edge of pauperism and crime, riddled with mental and physical defects, in and out of the Courts for child neglect, [and] a menace to the community" later noting that "it is a serious matter that no study of this class of the population exists.
As a result of grim pauperism, the solitary as well as family group suicidal rate has risen.
If you recall, Rush gaming abandoned its initial Massachusetts proposal to site the parlor in Worcester when it became evident that the quickest path to pauperism for a billionaire is to horse-trade with Worcester politicians.
A persistent abhorrence for the English Poor Laws and fear of pauperism, as well as a loathing of asylums, drove early interventions in welfare, along with the old moral and social divisions between deserving and undeserving, and the inclusions and exclusions (most particularly of Aboriginal people and Asians).
Dugdale's 1877 book, "The Jukes": A Study in Crime, Pauperism, Disease and Heredity, Arthur Estabrook's update, The Jukes in 1915, and Henry Goddard's The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness (1912).
The four prongs of PMTCT include primary prevention of HIV among women of re[productive age group, prevention of unwanted pregnancy among people living with HIVAIDs, prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV during antenatal, childbirth, pauperism and beyond, and holistic care and support for the mother, the baby and the entire family.
He also continued to study and write on the subject of poverty and its relief; he was instrumental in the founding of the Association of Benevolent Societies of Boston and the Boston Society for the Prevention of Pauperism.
Temperance advocates, however, discouraged the provision of alcohol for paupers drunkenness being seen as a cause of pauperism.
widespread pauperism, which meant that a large parr of the population