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Synonyms for pauperise

reduce to beggary

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Yet over this tiny local difficulty, Mr Miliband is proposing to pauperise his own party.
Halfway through the latest one yesterday came a study on "The distribution of debt and repayment difficulties" aka the mountain of debt threatening to pauperise tens of thousands of British households and leave the banks nursing well-deserved but ruinous losses.
I'm no Tory, but I applaud John Gummer's point that Washington has yet again extolled the virtues of free trade but seems unable to stand up to its own powerful farm lobby' on cotton alone, the US produces $3 billion-worth of cotton annually and spends $4 billion subsiding it, which helps to pauperise the economy of West Africa.
Both these measures will pauperise a whole sector of the community.
To this sequence of events, "pose-colonial African leaders proceeded to pauperise their respective patches.