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the act of making someone poor

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The company is adopting strategies used in Asia to Europe to cater for the wave of pauperisation and are selling tiny packs of mayonnaise to penniless Greeks and five-wash packs of detergent in Spain.
15) En este punto coincide la investigacion de Gabriel Kessler: "L'experience de pauperisation de la classe moyenne argentine", Cultures & Conflits, no.
Dans l'arret Moge, la juge L'Heureux-Dube fait reference a la pauperisation accrue des femmes a la suite de la rupture conjugale, citant des etudes doctrinales et statistiques sur le sujet (49).
5 times, and the reason for not seeking such care being mostly the cost factor, it becomes amply evident that self-financing has drastic limits and in itself is the prime cause of most ill health as well as pauperisation, especially amongst the large majority for whom out-of-pocket mode of financing strains their basic survival.
Both universalistic and relativist approaches to cultural discourse under the command of patriarchs, play pivotal roles in pauperisation of women globally.
This blatant pauperisation of homeowners, many of whom are senior citizens, makes a mockery of the assertion by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott that he would not allow such increases.
Pauperisation was most acute in North Africa where an immense rural exodus to the major coastal cities spawned miles upon miles of shanty towns.
Etant donne le chaos politique et la pauperisation apparemment sans limite des regions du monde dans lesquelles la majorite des recherches anthropologiques ont ete effectuees, tout ce que je peux envisager, c'est que notre discipline continue de faire valoir le metissage universel(2): seul espoir, et heureuse perspective pour l'humanite.
Parallel with the collapse of the dinar has been pauperisation of the Iraqi middle class, leaving only the rich, comprising government supporters, and the poor, being the rest of the country.
The return of much of Eastern Europe to its traditional service role offers new opportunities for corporations to reduce costs, thanks to "rising unemployment and pauperisation of large sections of the industrial working class" in the East as capitalist reforms proceed, according to the Financial Times.
Le monde rural reste marginalise dans l'ensemble et la pauperisation s'y accentue a la faveur de l'enclavement, des deficiences dans le domaine de la sante, de l'education et des conditions de vie generalement dures.
Ces choix qui ont ete renforces avec l'adoption du programme d'ajustement structurel et les accords de libre echange qui ont fragilise le secteur agricole mettant en cause la durabilite des ressources naturelles et induisant la pauperisation de la population rurale ", a-t-il explique.
Displacement, pauperisation, absorption into city slums, increase of coolie phenomenon and labour migration to Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have turned the tribals into nowhere people.
La nature de la colonisation avait conduit les victimes d'expropriations massives et de la pauperisation a rejoindre les villes ou a emprunter les chemins de l'emigration.