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Synonyms for pauper

Synonyms for pauper

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a person who is very poor

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Yet consider: Must we not further admit that owing to this want of cultivation there will be found in him dronelike desires as of pauper and rogue, which are forcibly kept down by his general habit of life?
On the other hand, the men of business, stooping as they walk, and pretending not even to see those whom they have already ruined, insert their sting--that is, their money--into some one else who is not on his guard against them, and recover the parent sum many times over multiplied into a family of children: and so they make drone and pauper to abound in the State.
They themselves care only for making money, and are as indifferent as the pauper to the cultivation of virtue.
Clearly then, whenever you see paupers in a State, somewhere in that neighborhood there are hidden away thieves, and cutpurses and robbers of temples, and all sorts of malefactors.
The same consideration for their years and weakness is expressed in their very seats, which are perfect curiosities, and look like articles of furniture for a pauper doll's-house.
And after observing that the teachers were of a class and character well suited to the spirit of the place, I took leave of the infants with a lighter heart than ever I have taken leave of pauper infants yet.
Combined with this consideration, there may have been some thought of the pauper lad now never to be mentioned.
M Dunford, Frodsham Not a pauper FURTHER to the unveiling of the plaque on the grave of William Connolly VC at Kirkdale Cemetery, I was surprised by the inaccurate information provided.
More than two million over-60s have no cash to cover their funeral and 16% face a pauper burial, an Age UK study found.
One of the latest Peter Pauper Press activity kits is their "Origami Animals Kit" (9781441311405, $5.
Offering a wonderful and unique entertainment, "Mermaid Adventures", like all of the titles in the outstanding Peter Pauper Press 'Scratch & Sketch' series, comes with a wooden stylus to scratch the black-coated pages to reveal the glittering, gleaming colors underneath.
He was admitted to the pauper hospital on New Buildings (near Nando's.
Green, Pauper Capital: London and the Poor Law, 1790-1870 (Burlington: Ashgate 2010)
Pauper capital; London and the Poor Law, 1790-1870.
The inmate or pauper would have worn a uniform, there would have been letters FAMILY TREE sewn onto them, 'P' for pauper, followed by the letter of the parish.