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Synonyms for paunch



Synonyms for paunch

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There is currently no information available about the circumstances of the arrest or the true identity of Paunch, who is known to be the leader of a Russian cyber-criminal gang and one of the creators of the Blackhole exploit kit.
Most hunters are familiar with the aroma of paunch, whether from a bad hit or a slip during field dressing.
Paunch Shot (stomach or intestines)--If the animal only runs a short distance and stops, or starts walking slowly with its head down and tail twitching, it is probably hit in the paunch.
Martin as bad boy, Martin in his hotel room, Martin with those big underpants, just like the ones old man Picasso used to wear, pulled up over his paunch.
She brings up his paunch and he casually compliments her on her "natural" hair colour.
The march of time was inevitable, and with it the sagging paunch, receding (and graying) hairline, failing eyesight, sketchy memory, and tender (and disappearing) teeth were to be expected, even admired as a badge of honor for the ongoing battle with both Mother Nature and Father Time.
Paunch was a chilled blend of arrack, a distilled palm sap, with sugar, citrus, water and spices (Barr 44).
Reducing the paunch has impact beyond male vanity, the researchers said.
Nicholas Gruner is "slight and bespectacled, with just a hint of paunch.
Far from seeming like an ogre, Gardner, wearing wrinkled bluejeans that day and a white shirt that curved around his slight paunch, came across as kind.
All of the sports that I can't do," says Bornstein, 42, a bespectacled, youthful-looking man with just a hint of a paunch.
Enzymes in the human body fail to break down the sucrose bond, so the fatty acids pass through the body undigested, ignoring such comfortable resting places as the hips and paunch.
In addition to getting older, a Sim that spends too much time on the couch will develop a paunch and a Sim that works out will enjoy rock solid abs.
The music mogul, 55, showed a bit of a paunch in his Bermudas.