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  • noun

Synonyms for patty

small flat mass of chopped food


small pie or pasty

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round flat candy

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It doesn't take a program or a new minister to pass the Patty Test.
The New American Funding team couldn't be more proud of Patty and continue to wish her success in her many endeavors.
Patty has 3 grown boys, lives in Ramona and loves it.
Imagine my surprise when Patty turned in the story (exactly when promised), and in the first paragraph confessed to lying at all of our staff meetings together
Rick and Patty were reconciled once more in 2000 and moved to a pounds 1million mansion in Teddington, South West London.
Inspired by recent events in the world's economic collapse, Season 3 showcases Damages signature legal-thriller storytelling as Patty Hewes takes on the Tobin family - a secretive clan determined to protect its interests at all costs.
The patty melt is a classic American sandwich/burger and Carl's Jr.
Originally from upstate New York, Patty Casidy comes to NDTA via Virginia Beach, Virginia with a solid background in bookkeeping, tax practice, and elementary education.
PAT AND PATTY CROWLEY WILL ALWAYS BE PAT-and Patty to me--individuals but inseparable--even though I only came to know them through Patty alone.
TO celebrate its 18th birthday Island Delight is offering a free Caribbean patty to every reader.
The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City recently held ceremonies to name its School of Business and Technology in honor of Jay and Patty Baker.
Yet Patty Crowley's deep conviction regarding what the Gospels were all about never wavered.
Blonde Patty, 52, slashed her wrists with a razor blade following a drunken row with the veteran rocker in their plush London hotel suite.