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someone who makes patterns (as for sewing or carpentry or metalworking)

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As a patternmaker he was responsible for the creation of wooden molds for the B-25 bomber, an essential process linked to the production of metal die-casts.
White had apprenticed as a patternmaker at the factory before the war and resumed work after returning home, eventually making his way to the top, but it had fallen out of family hands decades before Eden was born.
Merry grows up despising the more introverted Ketzia, attends fashion school, and ends up a patternmaker for the Children's Clothing Company: "I'm a superior maker of patterns
Spencer looked set for a double on Otis B Driftwood in the seller, but Chris Catlin forced Sounds Simla up on the line under strong pressure to complete a double initiated by the Alex Hales-trained Patternmaker in the claimer.
Reg, of Rugby, was taken on as a patternmaker in 1950 at the then Armstrong Siddeley Motors, which made prestige motor cars and aero engines.
High Curragh (15-8) and Rohaani (8-11) scored at Thirsk before Bessemer (4-5), Patternmaker (2-1) and Go Solo (7-2) completed the nap hand at Hamilton last night
Instead, in 1874, he took the unusual step for someone of his upper-class, almost aristocratic, background of becoming an apprentice patternmaker and machinist at the Enterprise
The Patternmaker is programmed to cut a number of components from each panel to minimise materials cost.
This technology is also licensed by a new company, Sanders Design International, which introduced a competing machine, the Rapid PatternMaker (RPM), in 1999.
The Bridgeport Machines company traces back to the late 1920s, when two Swedish immigrants, toolmaker Magnus Wahlstrom and patternmaker Rudolph Bannow, joined forces to develop several milling attachments.
It was a time when you could still hope to complete your apprenticeship, take a journeyman's job as a blacksmith, machinist, patternmaker, or molder, save your money, start your own shop, and make your fortune.
Lawrence Dismuke's sister, Donna Dismuke-Gray, Disketta's treasurer, works as a patternmaker for Jackie O's, a Los Angeles-based dress manufacturer, while his brother-in-law, Stephen S.
Watch a designer sketching and illustrating; draping a three-dimensional design; see the patternmaker uses sketches and draping to make the pattern; and observe the garment being assembled with an industry standard machine.
Voss was a journeyman patternmaker, an AFS member, and the general manager at Midfield Pattern Corporation (Walcott, Iowa) for the last eight years.