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someone who makes patterns (as for sewing or carpentry or metalworking)

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Today, as hot subjects like additive manufacturing and decreased lead times aren't far from the mouths of patternmakers, Modern Casting talked to three of the industry's pattern and tooling experts about common concerns for metalcasting facilities and casting buyers.
Instead he took the unusual step for someone of his upper-class, almost aristocratic, background of becoming an apprentice patternmaker and machinist at the Enterprise Hydraulic Works.
Boston born and raised, Hajjar says she inherited her design interest and talent from her grandmother, who was a designer in Damascus, Syria, and her grandfather who was a patternmaker and dress factory owner from Beirut, Lebanon.
John, a retired patternmaker, and Marion, who is a retired draughtswoman, enjoy going to British bike shows.
Sadly the death of master patternmaker Alan Hodgetts last month appears to have ended Bromsgrove's last living link with the guild.
One or another of these sources of training is important in a great variety of occupations, such as actor, athlete, barber, bookkeeper and accounting clerk, camera instrument repairer, computer science teacher, farmer, hairdresser and cosmetologist, heavy truckdriver, patternmaker, real estate sales worker, and secretary.
Instead, MVBY's new full time patternmaker sends suppliers samples of finished garments along with the patterns.
I WAS a patternmaker at the old Parkside factory when the firm was Armstrong Siddeley Motors and made prestige motor cars and aero engines.
ROBERT WINSTON extended his lead in the jockeys' title race after riding a 23-1 treble on Bessemer, Patternmaker and Go Solo.
New facilities and machinery at Formula One cars patternmaker NPL Technologies has brought total investment to pounds 2.
Just ask anyone who has tried to hire a maintenance manager, maintenance electrician, HR director, purchasing manager, casting engineer, skilled machinist or patternmaker.
NPL TECHNOLOGIES, the UK's largest patternmaker and a supplier to Formula One, has promoted Steve Snodin to the post of body tooling director with a seat on the board of the Nuneaton company.
Canon specialty papers perfectly complement the Canon Creative applications: Brochure Paper for Design Essentials, Canon Greeting Card Stock for CreataCard and Color Store, T-Shirt Transfers for Color Store's T-Shirts and More Store, and Fabric Sheets from Canon for QuiltSOFT and PatternMaker.
The keynote speaker for the commencement will be Joyce Bowlby, Women's Woven Patternmaker, for design house Tommy Bahama.
Patternmaker for Formula One cars, space vehicles and Mini One, NPL Technologies of Nuneaton has increased its staff to 100.