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a family name derived from name of your father or a paternal ancestor (especially with an affix (such as -son in English or O'- in Irish) added to the name of your father or a paternal ancestor)

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The study revealed that after 9/11, the use of patronyms increased in culture-of-honor states, and similarly, people who were asked to think about a fictitious terrorist attack were more likely to say they'd use patronyms if they also strongly endorsed honor ideology.
While the scene is to show that Lin is merely having an infatuation, that she is flighty and superficial, it can also symbolically represent how the repetition of a patronym (Zhang's name) can lead one into an illusion that patrilineality is permanent.
Or perhaps their relationship was so strained that the son deliberately chose not to use the family patronym, preferring instead to adopt his late mother's surname.
The layout provides capsules of information on nine of the author's titles and explains such minutiae as the addition of vich to indicate a Russian patronym and the relation of kaiser and tsar to the Latin Caesar.
The Mexican grouping, which includes both men and women, is anti-patriarchal: the transgressive sexuality of Luisa and Maria, already discussed, subverts patriarchal authority, while Luisa and Rio are alike in that neither has a patronym.
The Name-of-the-Father: the patronym, patriarchal law, patrilineal identity, language as our inscription into patriarchy.
Jacques Derrida too marks the distinction between the foreign and the absolute Other to remind us that the former inhabits a limited, if not liminal, space within society, allowing it distinct prerogatives and a conceptual relationship to the host society; whereas the latter 'has neither name, or patronym, nor family, nor social status, and who is therefore [.
Sylvie, (8) whose husband was born in Lebanon of Armenian origin, explains the decision to use the patronym alone as being the father's explicit wish, and that moreover, a double surname would mark her children as non-Armenian in the Armenian school they attend.
The suturing- or de-suturing-of title and work suggests suspending the patronym and points to an anonymous women's history.
Byron, in other words, fears reincarnating the Wicked Lord, his paternal grandfather's brother--the pere-version/ version of the father or Lord Byron (v) he ambivalently wants to be--yet this reincarnation would repeat the shameful behavior of his false, biological or biographical father, "false" because he lacks the patronym Lord Byron bears in his absence.
The more "civilized" Achilles received his chosen weapon--the spear of the Greek warrior aristocrat--from his father, reinforcing the powerful identification of a hero of the Homeric world with his patronym.
The second claimant is Joseph Conrad, who has already been mentioned under his patronym, Korzeniowski.
And so, finally, I have reached the image and the words I should like to leave with you: the image and the words of the patronym of my own church, Saint Paul.
Judith Butler concludes in her analysis of the patronym that "patronymic names endure over time, as nominal zones of phallic control.
15) There was the shame of being inappropriately maligned, and it was doubly galling, and painfully ironic, for his patronym, Amittai, can be translated as "the one who speaks truth," based on its root letters in Hebrew: Amittai is derived from the word Emet-"truth.