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In female biblical figures (which guaranteed the patronizingly superior attitude of God and men), symbols of the denial of sex, women are configured as the scapegoat of humanity, occupying a position of "lower" in relation to men (KREPS, 1992, FEUERSTEIN 1994; LINS, 2007).
Even Fonsiba's Yankee husband patronizingly admits that "in your way, according to your lights and upbringing" Cass has treated Fonsiba (and presumably the other tenants) well (263).
At first, the matron patronizingly finds Owen interesting, from an anthropological point of view as if observing tribal customs, but later, this becomes a romantic (therefore, doomed) attraction.
51) This is all on a par with the self-indulgent childish silliness of biting off one's nose to spite one's face, a myopic prompting one may patronizingly choose to believe is nugatory--"indefinable, and perhaps non-existent" ("Wakefield", 291).
In the scripted scene, there is a bit of witty interplay between Elizabeth and Darcy, but then he is chagrined to realize, after he has patronizingly explained the procedure, that Elizabeth can hit the bull's eye better than he.
The book was written in the patronizingly British tone of cultural superiority over the uneducated, "dirty yum-yum girls" of Hong Kong's red-light district.
And while it may be too much to imply causality, the authentic multiracial Paraguayan identity Herko celebrates patronizingly is one the Paraguayans have rejected, choosing (or consuming) instead a vision of U.
The federal government for many years has really treated the First Nations pretty patronizingly with collecting their data on where their properties are, where the lots are on the reserves," he said.
And his put-on pessimism was a pale echo of the Romney gilding and Obama gutting done by the president's allies, who have been unusually generous with reminiscences of the way Obama patronizingly told Hillary Clinton she was "likable enough" during a debate four years ago.
I did not - as he disingenuously implies - object to looking after those who are suffering from the recession, the so-called 'underclass' that he patronizingly claims needs education and nurturing.
20) Goldfield's exegesis of Stowe's--for some reason, he patronizingly and repeatedly refers to her as "Harriet"--book makes plain how she steeped it in religious sentiment, thus helping it to resonate with millions of her countrymen in the North.
Even Bentley--who patronizingly refers to Butterfield's later analysis The Englishman and His History as "not without wisdom"--concedes that Whig Interpretation "remains one of the glories of English historical criticism.
Can we make Bill Cosby host a show called Old Racists Say th Darndest Things and then laugh patronizingly when they talk about the Kenyan socialist president and the welfare queens and the godless feminazis ruining the country?
He could well afford to look patronizingly on the psychological gropings of Freud and Jung and on the inferior poetic consciousness of a Yeats or Proust, saying in "The Holy Office":
Hexwood's Ann is presented neither patronizingly nor nostalgically when the narrative focus is hers; until the point of view shifts from Ann to Vierran, there is nothing stylistic distinguishing the representation of Ann from the representation of any other twelve-year-old Jones character.