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Synonyms for patronization

aid or support given by a patron

superciliously indulgent treatment, especially of those considered inferior

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The retailer can then alter the characteristics of the store, attempting to make the perceived store image more consistent with the consumers' expectations and leading to patronization of store by consumers.
Deputy Director PUCAR, Saeed Ahmed speaking on the occasion, said that patronization of Punjab government gave encouragement to the artisans to show their talent adding that government was making all out efforts to preserve rich culture.
Mosques and religious schools where patronization of extremism and indoctrination of Islamic militancy is suspected will be the targets of police and security agencies of these countries.
The book includes a close look into the psychology and history behind the supposed ogoodwillo that Southern whites felt about blacks and the patronization of Northern progression by Southerners.
In a speech, the college head voiced his appreciation for Prince Faisal due his patronization of the ceremony , where officers from Jordan's Armed Forces, in addition to counterparts representing 15 Arab and foreign countries took part in the event.
Chamoun's words came during his patronization of a popular ceremony organized by his Party in commemoration of the Lebanese civil war held at "Quality Inn" Hotel in Tripoli under the headline: April 2015 - Tripoli a City of Coexistence.
And how much has that short-term patronization cost us as a nation in terms of long-term viability?
He thanked Pakistani customer for their continuous patronization to Honda.
But Belfort does not only live for money--he's just as addicted, if not more so, to drugs and sex, and he and Azoff use their illicit earnings to fuel their drug-induced Quaalude-crazes and their profligate patronization of high-priced prostitution.
It may do the same thing as other businesses online but it has a system that many find effective - thus the wider reach and strong patronization.
Ehrlich was not in the least being belittling by raising the question about the 'Palestinian Gandhi' but responding to the patronization of others.
For the record: badgering, patronization, and belittling are not good ways to approach people with depression.
Marry Hospital, called on communities, governments bodies and the trainees to play due role in patronization of victims of mental distortion, and thus rising their production capacity.
Applauding the private patronization of the mission to revive Sanskrit by Amity University, the minister opined: "The Sanskrit language has to be made relevant to the youth of the country with genuine interest and beauty of Sanskrit language has to be nurtured in them.
At this stage, after all the delay and wasting of time by Erdoy-an and his team to resolve the conflict, it is all about civilian resistance to the language of arbitrariness, of patronization and the unilateral imposition of old politics, not about negotiating for a museum as a replacement.