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Synonyms for patronization

aid or support given by a patron

superciliously indulgent treatment, especially of those considered inferior

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Marry Hospital, called on communities, governments bodies and the trainees to play due role in patronization of victims of mental distortion, and thus rising their production capacity.
Applauding the private patronization of the mission to revive Sanskrit by Amity University, the minister opined: "The Sanskrit language has to be made relevant to the youth of the country with genuine interest and beauty of Sanskrit language has to be nurtured in them.
At this stage, after all the delay and wasting of time by Erdoy-an and his team to resolve the conflict, it is all about civilian resistance to the language of arbitrariness, of patronization and the unilateral imposition of old politics, not about negotiating for a museum as a replacement.
Indian government patronization of big business has deprived Indian tribals of their land and ruined their traditional livelihoods, stoking the Naxalite insurgency spreading through the Indian heartland.
There is so much patronization of patients," McCollister-Slipp said.
But as the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, manufacturing activity will rebound and patronization rates of commercial establishments will increase--boosting demand for products used to clean restaurants, hotels, and other commercial facilities.
The information institutions of Bangladesh lack adequate manpower, infrastructure, information resources, financial support, patronization from government and non-government organizations and an educated user base that would play their due roles in making libraries a centre of KM initiatives.
Liberal critics will not have to fear so much the regime's recourse to violence through the patronization of the so-called social movements, which are never controlled, let alone crushed, if they support the government or share its ideology in whole or in part.
Contrary to some views, admitting that the modern Western state is not a feasible model for Yemen is not an attitude that smacks of patronization.
a patronization akin to scratch lottery players in a room full of
I think that entertainment centers that include several of the above options concentrated in a general are and that is within walking distance to apartment or condo type living structures would contribute to the patronization of the area.
It is learnt that his patronization allowed S&S to occupy the park's land at will thus constructing huge commercial ventures including a bowling club and a multi-national food chain restaurant.
Farmer co-ops have evolved, along with the farmer-members who own and govern them, and who accrue benefits based on their patronization of co-ops.
Abdullah Bin Abdul Rahman Al Hossein said that patronization of this conference by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques re- flects the care and attention of the leader- ship given to the water sector to provide citizens high quality water in sufficient quantities.
The event carries a handsome prize money of US$10,000 and staged under the directives and patronization of President of Pakistan with support from Pakistan Sports Board.