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Synonyms for patronising

(used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension

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PATRONISING Willie Rennie made comments at Holyrood
He also expressed happiness about patronising the graduation ceremony, commending the role of the Royal Defence Force Training Centre in grooming officers and equipping them with the needed military skills and knowledge.
Patronising language used by hospital and care home staff to older people should be banned, a report on improving dignity in care has recommended.
Long before my time in the House of Commons, Jim Callaghan used to put Margaret Thatcher gently but firmly in her place between 1976 and 1979, without ever being accused of patronising her as a woman politician.
The report says: "A very few secondary school councils felt that the tone of their letter was patronising, but almost all expressed a positive view.
The whole way she talks is with that patronising attitude that 'I know better
Mr Wolfendale yesterday said: ``Without wishing to sound patronising,I think Mr Phillips has missed the point.
Even Italian newspapers - Berlusconiland - are calling it sexist and patronising.
But there's always something just as patronising to take their place in the schedules, unfortunately.
He also expressed happiness about patronising the ceremony to lay the cornerstone of the school which is part of the GCC development programme.
It was a patronising, sexist thing to do," the Daily Star quoted Dorries, as saying.
Birmingham council's chief executive has promised immediate action after four women councillors complained that some council reports were patronising.
A PATRONISING Tory beer and bingo advert has been ridiculed in online spoofs.
HOW patronising is it to call every good looking mixed-race male MP "the British Obama"?