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Synonyms for patronised

having patronage or clients


References in classic literature ?
He had always patronised her, in his superiority to her share of woman's wit.
The bare fact of being patronised by a great man whom he could have crushed with one hand, appeared in his eyes so eccentric and humorous, that a kind of ferocious merriment gained the mastery over him, and quite subdued his brutal nature.
As he became refreshed, he became overbearing; and patronised the company at the Daybreak in certain small talk at which he assisted, as if his condition were far above his appearance.
The delight of the Nobility and Gentry and the patronised of Royalty had, by some process of self-abridgment known only to herself, got into her travelling bed, where she was snoring peacefully, while the large bonnet, carefully disposed upon the drum, was revealing its glories by the light of a dim lamp that swung from the roof.
The mass wedding ceremony is part of a project patronised by Al-Dhahrani and sponsored by institutions, companies and philanthropic people from inside and outside Bahrain.
I have been patronised and told I am not experienced enough.
YES Rod McPhee: Mirror writer who is working class, Northern and proud of it Melvyn Bragg is spot-on when he says that northerners, particularly working-class northerners, are patronised by the people who create the shows we are still forced to endure.