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  • verb

Synonyms for patronise

do one's shopping at

assume sponsorship of

treat condescendingly

be a regular customer or client of

References in classic literature ?
Just this here,' said Sam, 'that I'll patronise the inwention, and go in, that vay.
Thus, notwithstanding that a great many people continued to stare at the entry and the figures therein displayed; and remained there with great perseverance, by the hour at a time, to hear the barrel-organ played and to read the bills; and notwithstanding that they were kind enough to recommend their friends to patronise the exhibition in the like manner, until the door-way was regularly blockaded by half the population of the town, who, when they went off duty, were relieved by the other half; it was not found that the treasury was any the richer, or that the prospects of the establishment were at all encouraging.
I don't believe I patronise my characters, whatever their class.
The Weoley councillor found himself in an exchange of views with a fiery young female student who suggested that there was no point in arguing as he would probably only patronise her.
From Back Page patronising for us to give sympathy and I don't want to patronise anyone.