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a saint who is considered to be a defender of some group or nation

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Obviously this council is very selective about what constitutes 'culture' in this city and England's patron saint does not meet that criteria.
The English Heritage poll showed just 19 per cent of adults planned to stage events for England's patron saint.
Davey Armstrong, 68, Monkseaton: "It means a lot because he's the patron saint of England and also of the forces so that's worth celebrating.
It seems strange that Wales cannot make a decision on its own holidays to recognise our patron saint.
The fireworks were set to be used in a ceremony honoring Jesus Tepactepec, patron saint of a village named after him in the municipality of Nativitas.
Shame, shame on those responsible for leaving out the most important home of the Welsh patron saint.
Summary: Lebanon is a meeting place for different sects and religions, said Maronite Archbishop of Beirut Boulos Matar on Sunday at the Sagesse School in Jdeideh, during a mass celebrating the anniversary of its patron saint Saint Maroun.
jpg" alt="A figure of the San Gennaro, The Patron Saint of Naples stands behind a window in a storefront along Mulberry Street in New York's " width="450" />
Aa Although George is England's patron saint he never set foot here, and there is much argument about who this warrior-saint was and where he came from.
Robin1: I have never seen the big deal about supporting a saint born in the Middle East, whose main claim to fame (fighting the dragon was a fairy tale) is being the English Patron Saint.
Antonia comes up with a few suggestions, like a patron saint of secrets.
Saint Patrick's Day (named for the Patron Saint of Ireland)--As we can't call it Lucky Leprechaun Day because that may offend some short people who are neither lucky nor affiliated with Leprechauns, and as the politically correct would be against alcohol usage being associated with Irishmen (okay, Irish people), which rules out "Irish Pub Day," and as the only thing the politically correct really seem to like about the day is all the green color that goes with it, we'll change the holiday to "Bring a Shrub to Work Day.
The patron saint of Welsh lovers is Santes Dwynwen.
Saint Didacus Monsignor Peter Amy reminds his parishioners that La Virgen is the patron saint of all the Americas.
Which patron saint has his day celebrated wildly all over the world on March 17?