patrol wagon

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van used by police to transport prisoners

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After securing his gun belt containing his service weapon in the trunk of his police vehicle as required by regulation, the arresting officer opened the rear door of the patrol wagon.
That's my son, you are standing in my yard; before you put him in that patrol wagon, tell me what the charge is.
McGuiness, who currently works the patrol wagon and in the cell room.
For the Police Department, $338,500 to cover a new patrol car, a new patrol wagon, construction of the police firing range, nine sets of uniforms and equipment and two public safety remote radio receivers.
While waiting for a patrol wagon to bring him to police headquarters, Mr.
Whindelton was placed in the patrol wagon and taken to headquarters at 911 Lincoln Square.
Spencer was apprehended, handcuffed and placed in a patrol wagon for the ride to the hospital.
One man had been placed in a patrol wagon and taken to the police station.
The site of the National Inventors' Hall of Fame, Akron is considered the birthplace of many American institutions, including tires, oatmeal, ice cream cones, hamburgers, and in 1899, America's first police patrol wagon.
He was taken in a patrol wagon to police headquarters, but it was not immediately known whether he was arrested and charged.
Over 500 people had gathered on High Street and in that general area and they cheered loudly as the man was hauled out and put into the patrol wagon.
They returned with patrol wagons to arrest the priests and take them to the Hinds County Jail.
The police responded with patrol wagons and call-box systems, suppressing most of the behavior.