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a car in which policemen cruise the streets

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Abu Dhabi Police unveils its Lykan Hypersport super patrol car.
Police Scotland said it was not clear whether the officers were pursuing criminals when the patrol car crashed.
Instead of stopping, the driver then did a u-turn, crashed into the pursuing patrol car as well as two other cars that were parked nearby.
They set a patrol car ablaze in the attack with cocktail Molotov bombs, while two policemen sustained multiple injuries.
It shows officers attempt to box Tvrdon in with their patrol cars as he slows down at traffic lights on the junction of Penarth Road and Barry Road, as one uniformed officer slides over the van's bonnet while another attempts to smash its passenger window.
Neither of the two officers in the patrol car or the man driving the Corsa driver were injured.
Unidentified assailants opened gunfire on the patrol car which was 50-60 meters in front of the prime ministry bus.
After Koga's car abruptly stopped on the expressway, an expressway corporation employee got out of his patrol car to handle the traffic nearby.
According to reports a police officer was driving the Lamborghini, which is a working patrol car as well as a display piece, back from a demonstration at a student jobs fair when a car veered onto the wrong side of the road.
Acting sergeant Greg Sutherland said one 12-year-old in the group gave the constable the fingers and was using offensive language to her, so while sitting in the patrol car, she beckoned him to come to her.
The cars come equipped with all of the necessary patrol car equipment, including Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, roof lightbar with blue lamps, side alley lamps, sirens and full communications systems.
The naked man, suspected of being high on drugs, tried to steal the workmen's truck after his own car apparently got stuck in a muddy dirt road, then hit a deputy in the face with a bunch of keys while trying to get into his patrol car, authorities said.
Staffordshire has 35 police patrol cars and 260 speed cameras - a ratio of one patrol car for every 7.
THREE people died and two police officers were injured when a patrol car was involved in a motor way pile-up,police said yesterday.
on March 7th, he handcuffed a female shoplifting suspect and seated her in the back of his patrol car.