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a car in which policemen cruise the streets

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The patrol car was parked in the Sandiganbayan compound for six and a half hours-from 8:48 p.
The new patrol car is similar tothe type of vehicle in the Dubai Police fleet of super patrol cars, which includes Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bugattis.
He sped away and was quickly followed by the patrol car.
Appearing before the Public Prosecution, the six accused were charged them with attempting to murder two on-duty policemen, setting fire to a patrol car and taking part in a rally involving more than five people.
Investigation: The police patrol car and a Vauxhall Corsa that crashed into a shop in Kidderminster after the two vehicles collided.
He walked toward the patrol car, got to the passenger side, and used his skateboard to smash the windscreen on the passenger side three times.
The cars come equipped with all of the necessary patrol car equipment, including Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, roof lightbar with blue lamps, side alley lamps, sirens and full communications systems.
LANCASTER -- A naked motorist who crashed a car into at least one parked vehicle and a building, then tried to steal the truck of two workmen and a sheriff's patrol car, was subdued by deputies using a stun gun and with the help of a neighbor who had followed him.
Staffordshire has 35 police patrol cars and 260 speed cameras - a ratio of one patrol car for every 7.
THREE people died and two police officers were injured when a patrol car was involved in a motor way pile-up,police said yesterday.
on March 7th, he handcuffed a female shoplifting suspect and seated her in the back of his patrol car.
Like jail, individuals do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a patrol car and, therefore, are not protected by the Fourth Amendment while there.
Over the course of six weeks, patrol cars will be equipped with air quality monitors to track which pollutants are coming into patrol car cabins and in what amounts.
The incident came to light through an anonymous Internet message to the Web site of the Nagasaki prefectural police, which said the patrol car was doing over 100 kph.
SAN SEBASTIAN: Seven people were injured when a car bomb blamed on Basque separatists exploded as a Spanish Civil Guard patrol car drove past in San Sebastian last night.