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of or relating to the writings of the early church fathers


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Nineteenth-century Russian patristic studies depended upon Western sources: most books translated into Russian had been published in the original language in the West, principally in Migne's monumental Patrology.
From scripture, 4,165; from patristic authors, 342; from all post-patristic writers, 115 (of which 61 are from Saint Thomas Aquinas).
First, one would think that in a volume concerning patristic ethics that the thought of Maximos the Confessor, John Climacus, or Evagrius Ponticus would be included.
The patristic teachings advocating self-restraint and love of all God's creatures seek to develop a relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world which is not based on utility and self-interest.
The biblical and Patristic positions, to which Hallett gives primary allegiance, suggest that our moral obligations may be more demanding than Thomas seemed willing to admit.
Occasionally the change has been prompted by the editors' referring to the text of the patristic work being cited.
The book consists of three sections: 'holiness', 'temperance', and 'sin', and argues, amongst other things, that the Red-Cross Knight is based upon the true Saint George of patristic theology, a type of Christ as Harrower of Hell, rather than the ridiculed figure of contemporary legend; that Dame Nature in 'The Mutability Cantos', a key figure for Professor Weatherby, is not the allegorized medieval goddess, but 'an image of God himself'; that Spenser's definition of temperance does not define the virtue as a mean, or 'good mixture' as most commentators have assumed, but, rather, a more stringent triumph over the evils of the passions.
There is nothing here about patristic terminology for God such as Trinity, person, hypostasis, perichoresis, communion, or the like.
International Patristic Conference (8th: 2012: Maynooth, Ireland) Edited by Janet Elaine Rutherford
Hebrew scripture in patristic bibilical theory; canon, language, text.
Make no mistake, this volume intends to represent the Roman magisterium's teachings on the relationship between Christianity and other faith traditions, and, as Joseph Carola asserts, even the patristic theology is "an authentic expression of the Church's ancient Magisterium" (p.
The second section surveys the formation and reformation of the doctrine of the Trinity from the Patristic writers through Augustine and Aquinas.
Silano identifies the Lombard's sources in footnotes, but does not cite any editions of patristic and medieval works.
As such, the reader is led through a seemingly disorganized collection of essays that include some commentaries on Augustine's political theology, the intentional esotericism of classical and patristic thought, the continuity and difference between classical and early Christian rhetoric, the critique of twentieth-century Catholic higher education, the question and status of ecumenism, as well as book reviews, notes, and speeches.
As I indicated in my 2001 article "The Differences between Catholics and Orthodox," Vatican II inaugurated the fourth stage of inculturation for the Church, after the biblical, the patristic, and the mediaeval.