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in a patriotic manner

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From full-scale battle sequences to a blond boy standing up in a tin bath in a dark room, it's exciting to see post-communism Russian cinema patriotically revisiting its own history like this.
The real story here is that Battleground Texas volunteers are patriotically working to get more Texans involved in our democracy," Brachman said.
They have patriotically called on the commander-in-chief to take strong measures within the limits of existing legislation with a view to stabilising the situation in the country and reaching consent in society," the minister said in a separate interview.
Accordingly, the People's Manifesto is a solemn call from the fallen and the living heroes of our liberation struggles, indeed from the wailing bones that lie in many places known and others yet to be discovered, for every Zimbabwean to patriotically cherish and jealously guard the gains of our heroic liberation struggle.
Department of Defense (DoD) while patriotically maintaining their military reserve status, the government needed a way to represent both roles on one common identification card.
Today Aleppo is caught between the hammer of rulers who kill civilians, and the anvil of an opposition that began peacefully, honorably and patriotically, and then was joined by extremism and terror.
Lithuania's Ruta Meilutyte, Italy's Stefania Pirozzi and several of the American swimmers, including Missy Franklin and Allison Schmitt, have already showcased patriotically coloured, striped or flag painted nails.
Ants bond through pheromones while human societies bond nationalistically or patriotically.
Church secretary Lynda Burton said: "The inside of our building will be decorated with flags and bunting and we invite everyone to dress patriotically in red, white and blue on what should be a very special night.
When one grizzled war veteran, played by real-life double amputee Colonel Gregory D Gadson, growls patriotically, "Let's see if we can't buy the world another day
Mrs Stanfield recalled buying brown paper from the local shop, patriotically decorated her homemade scrapbook with red, blue and white ribbon and then cutting and pasting photographs of the grand occasion from newspapers and magazines.
The Spirit of the Union came to life as young and old, men and women, Emirati and expats alike were patriotically dressed in the nation s colours creating a sea of red, white, black and green across the stadium.
Alexander will say: "In the years ahead, Scottish Labour must dispel the myth that if you feel proudly and patriotically Scottish and are ambitious for Scotland and its potential, you inevitably support the SNP.
It is the campiest number with a (small) score of angels, images of purple mountains and crosses, and a patriotically attired tap dancer.
Our security forces are now able to hold the responsibility, preserve the security and to act professionally and patriotically," Maliki said.