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Synonyms for patriotic

Synonyms for patriotic

inspired by love for your country


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Great crowds assembled, more especially in the dinner hour, in Madison Square about the Farragut monument, to listen to and cheer patriotic speeches, and a veritable epidemic of little flags and buttons swept through these great torrents of swiftly moving young people, who poured into New York of a morning by car and mono-rail and subway and train, to toil, and ebb home again between the hours of five and seven.
Slowly, hour by hour, the collective consciousness woke up, the tide of patriotic astonishment and humiliation came floating in.
But hard upon that came the desperate attempt of a party of young clubmen from New York, who, inspired by patriotic and adventurous imaginations, slipped off in half a dozen motor-cars to Beacon Hill, and set to work with remarkable vigour to improvise a fort about the Doan swivel gun that had been placed there.
Here late in the morning it was remarked by a number of patriotic spirits.
The secretary regarded them both with a very favourable expression of countenance, while they gave loose to these and other demonstrations of their patriotic purpose; and was about to make some remark aloud, when Dennis, stepping up to him, and shading his mouth with his hand, said, in a hoarse whisper, as he nudged him with his elbow:
it chanced that they derived a kind of security from the patriotic occupation of the main building, but the true-hearted old gentleman never calculated about that.
AM Katsa was an All-Russian charitable patriotic campaign "While hearts for honor are alive .
Sulaymaniyah / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / - Pavel Talabani, the eldest son of former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, confirmed that the Patriotic Union will hold its internal conference soon.
The 69th Republic Day of India was celebrated with patriotic zeal by the students and staff of Indian School Ghubra on the January 26 on the school grounds.
I served in the forces because I thought it was patriotic to defend my people against threats from other countries (primarily the Soviet Bloc at the time).
Three of the main formations in Parliament a BSP, DPS and the Patriotic Front are delaying their final statements on the budget for 2017 which will be discussed at first reading in Parliament on Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- Music, particularly patriotic songs, have an ability to sum up mood of nation, its feeling and sentiments in catchy melodies.
Shakoor said this maltreatment of a political leader in the Karachi Central Prison should be an eye-opener for the patriotic forces of Pakistan.
Patriotic means devoted to and ready to defend your country.
Summary: Differences between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement will not morph into disputes, officials from both parties said Thursday, adding that the declaration of intent recently signed between them would build better ties in the future.
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