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Synonyms for patriot



Synonyms for patriot

one who loves and defends his or her country

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Because Patriot TIME is online, customers can log in anytime or anywhere to record employee hours and track time-off balances, she explained.
Reports generated by Patriot Act Services can be printed and stored along with other information about the transaction.
Not only had his vote against the PATRIOT Act not damaged Feingold; by all appearances it had made him stronger.
Nearly 40 percent of the libraries responding reported that users had asked about changes in practices related to the Patriot Act, and about 5 percent said they had altered their activities as a result for instance, by reviewing the types of books they bought.
Patriot remains an important part of an integrated joint air defense system, and its soldier operators receive extensive training in a highly realistic Joint Service environment.
It includes a large cadre of conservative constitutionalists strongly critical of Patriot Act provisions that make it easier for the government to intrude on personal privacy rights and civil liberties without judicial review or Congressional oversight.
A particularly egregious part of the Patriot Act gives the government access to "any tangible things.
What about the Strong Patriot and the Strong Cajun?
Even though privacy is no longer a given, college administrators say that putting a Patriot Act response policy in place will show staff and students that an institution is doing everything it possibly can to protect their privacy.
It is clear, though, that the militias are like fish swimming in a big blue Patriot sea.
While the PATRIOT Act does not necessarily have a direct impact on RIM in all industries, it has a profound impact in certain key sectors.
The New England Patriots, following the lead of their drab-as-his-hooded-sweat-shirt coach, Bill Belichick, have been repeating the same tired mantra since September.
Today it seems laughable that software would ever have been labeled as "munitions"; even Ashcroft's DOJ did not try to include a key escrow system in the PATRIOT Act.
The new Department of Homeland Security and the USA Patriot Act represent an enormous restructuring and centralizing of power.