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Synonyms for patrimony

Synonyms for patrimony

any special privilege accorded a firstborn

Synonyms for patrimony

a church endowment

an inheritance coming by right of birth (especially by primogeniture)


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Gift, in one case, makes it as really the new owner's, as labor made it the first owner's: in the other case, of patrimony, the law makes an ownership which will be valid in each man's view according to the estimate which he sets on the public tranquillity.
As regards the publicity and opposability to third parties of the deed of transfer for the patrimony by appropriation, it is required to make a registration with the trade registry, to register it with the land book whenever the goods of the patrimony by appropriation include real estate, movable securities and/or other rights, deeds or legal relations related to the real estate properties registered with the land book and the registration with the electronic archive of movable securities, given that the assignment of a universality of receivables is involved (art 1579 of the Civil Code).
It has decided not to apply the text to financial instruments, like shares and bonds, to inheritances or patrimony.
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time
We have found three skeletal remains of warriors with spears, daggers and bronze ornaments, and decorations of various kinds,'' said Mirjana Blagojevic, archeologist from Serbia's institute for the protection of cultural patrimony.
For example, it may be possible for beneficiaries or other interested parties to annul a disposition of trust property; in this way, the property may be restored to the trust patrimony.
With the box-shaped percussion instrument on the ready, a large crowd of cajon aficionados slapped their hands in unison against the drum box declared a National Patrimony back in 2001 by Peru's National Institute of Culture.
In war zones "criminal elements, bad actors" can "take advantage of the chaos and of the violence to loot, to steal patrimony that belongs to all the people of the country, to spirit it across borders," she warned.
The festival, they added, will highlight the Moroccan Sahrawi patrimony which is highly influenced by the Hassani culture, one of the oral traditions that is still alive and continues to be part of the everyday life of the inhabitants of the southern provinces.
This mindset was spectacularly exhibited with the abrupt unveiling of a new supra-territorial Roman Catholic church structure titled a "Personal Ordinariate," with its doors open to groups of disaffected Anglicans throughout the world who were invited to move collectively to Rome, bringing their Anglican patrimony with them.
In a ceremony to mark the official beginning of the Inter-American Year of Culture, the OAS declared Peruvian cuisine to be part of the "Cultural Patrimony of the Americas.
Summary: BEIRUT: Lebanon's cities have a peculiar relationship with their architectural patrimony.
Summary: National Agency for Mining Patrimony (ANPM) launched an invitation to tender concerning 36 mining claims for the exploration and exploitation of industrial minerals in 21 provinces, the agency told APS on Wednesday.
The opening ceremony was held in the presence of the Romania's Minister of Culture and National Patrimony, Hunor Kelemen, and the UAE ambassador to Romania, Yaqob Yusuf Al Housni.
The most important find in Dominican waters since the discovery of Captain Kidd's ship Quedagh Merchant in 2007," said Wilfredo Feliz, Director of the DR Ministry of Culture Sub-aquatic Patrimony Office.