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Synonyms for patrimony

Synonyms for patrimony

any special privilege accorded a firstborn

Synonyms for patrimony

a church endowment

an inheritance coming by right of birth (especially by primogeniture)


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Le Nord de l'Ontario est non seulement fier de ses contributions a l'economie de notre grande nation par l'entremise des industries miniere, forestiere, agricole, manufacturiere et touristique, mais egalement, et ce avec raison, de ses patrimonies francophone et autochtone, et de la diversite et de l'unicite que ces derniers engendrent.
Beneath the surface of this mutually beneficial relationship between convents and secular society lay a more complicated social matrix in which professed nuns, despite the constraints of the cloister, remained closely tied to their familial patrimonies.
Their own legitimate patrimonies, together with those of the other churches of the Christian east, were almost lost.
With the growth of these patrimonies, specialization became less a choice and more a necessity.
At the Bourse, investors tried to preserve and enhance their patrimonies, yet globally their transactions were bringing drastic changes to the landscape and memory, both urban and rural.