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Synonyms for patrimony

Synonyms for patrimony

any special privilege accorded a firstborn

Synonyms for patrimony

a church endowment

an inheritance coming by right of birth (especially by primogeniture)


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We claim that, provided that the Romanian doctrine which, compared to the Romanian Civil Code of 1864, has considered that the patrimony, although unique, is not always unitary and can be divided into universalities or smaller patrimonies with separate legal regime, this opinion being supported by successive legal regulations of cases when the general patrimony was divided (7).
The patrimonies by appropriation, as regulated by the provisions of art 31, paragraph (3) of the Civil Code as patrimony divisions, are: fiduciary patrimony units, those assigned to carry out a certified profession and other such established patrimonies.
There are opinions, according to which, through the regulation of the divisibility of patrimony and patrimonies by appropriation, the Romanian law has given up the theory of patrimony uniqueness (10).
The entrepreneur has a general patrimony wherein one or several separate units of patrimony can be established, called patrimonies by appropriation and assigned to reach a certain purpose.
We will discuss in the following all types of patrimony by appropriation which may lead to the limitation of the entrepreneur's liability towards their professional creditors: (i) the patrimony units assigned by professionals to the practice of a certified profession, respectively the professional patrimonies by appropriation; (ii) the patrimony units assigned by merchants to carry out an economic activity, respectively commercial patrimonies by appropriation and (iii) fiduciary patrimony units, respectively the fiduciary patrimonies by appropriation.
The field's literature deems that branches, working points and secondary quarters of the legal person are patrimonies by appropriation (19).
25] By the early-modern period, the mayorazgo had become an increasingly popular means for the Spanish nobility and social aspirants to amass large familial patrimonies.
The following discussion of several specific lawsuits will continue to reveal the ways in which nuns and their families clashed over the relationship of these now-religiously professed women to their familial patrimonies.
As would be expected, an additional and critical manifestation of a family's lineage was its property: "a family's prestige and influence were regarded as indissolubly tied to the availability of the greatest number of rents and patrimonies.
Many of the same socioeconomic circumstances that encouraged their patronage of convents, however, also encouraged the preservation in both real and symbolic terms of the familial patrimonies.
At the risk of alienating their would-be patrons, convents asserted their right to behave as secular actors, protecting financial resources and managing their own patrimonies.
Finally, families worked vigorously to protect the integrity of their patrimonies even though this protection frequently conflicted with their support for female monasticism.
The fiduciary patrimony is distinct from the patrimonies of the fiduciaries.