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based on or tracing descent through the male line


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Concerned about its own reproduction, the patrilinear frame of Neo's emasculation is embedded in a logic of belief in repetition and re-enactment; apart from Morpheus, it is empowered by the figure of the Oracle.
The prevalence of polygamy (and the ranking of wives and widows) maintains women in a subordinate position, whether among the matrilineal Akan-speaking peoples or in such patrilinear societies as the Ewe, the Ga, the Tallensi, and the many societies of the North (Nukunya 1992).
Although women were widely recognized as patrons in the period, the patronage of these two paintings, which show the Virgin, saints, and the portrait of a young boy, has always been assigned to their husbands, Paolo Emilio Cesi and Michele Peretti, because the works have been related to the patrilinear, agnatic image of the early modern family, i.
Achsah Guibbory postulates that Donne, like many subjects of England's patrilinear culture, felt threatened by Elizabeth's feminine rule and the hindrances it imposed upon masculine superiority; Donne's patriarchal inclinations politicized even his Elegies.
In effect, the relations among patrilinear clans are based in homosocial desire (what Irigaray punningly calls 'hommo-sexuality'), a repressed and, hence, disparaged sexuality, a relationship between men which is, finally, about the bonds of men, but which takes place through the heterosexual exchange and distribution of women" (40-41).
In contrast to the patrilinear iterations of the most pervasive expression of Irish literary history, in which father-son agons abound, Irish queer studies has resisted the ritual killing of the father.
Husbands could do as they liked, but if wives were not chaste, husbands, who assumed patriarchal control of expenses, would fear that they may not be passing on their property to their offspring in that patrilinear society.
Kim had only one wife, Kim Young-suk, but it is felt likely that somehow the government will polish up Ko Yong-hee's image eventually, because in Korean culture, while patrilinear descent is the most important, the maternal line cannot remain unremembered.
81); the manner in which the issue at stake in this story is not homosexuality as a category of identity or orientation, but rather of power, knowledge, and agency in terms of the ancient patrilinear society and notions of shame; the gender hierarchy established by Lot's offering of his daughters to be raped, which is subsequently undermined by their rape of him at the end of the chapter; and the inversion of civilized gendered norms in the cave far from civilization.
Essa 'fenomenologia' expressava-se, em primeiro lugar, na geracao, na linhagem (havendo controversia, porem, sobre se a transmissao era patrilinear e/ou matrilinear), esperando-se dos filhos de nobres, depois, que expressassem na vida civica as virtudes dos seus pais e antepassados.
As Nash warns us, though, that "appealing authority of science" has its limitations, most notably that it is "masculine, patrilinear," the same flaw that underlies traditional family tree searching in the dusty archives.