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based on or tracing descent through the male line


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With their patrilineally inherited lineage positions, the highest political class was occupied by the sheikhs.
Other rights inherited patrilineally include membership in the family council, the right to serve the paternal ancestors and the responsibility to marry widows.
Because Hmong social structure is organized patrilineally, only men can make offerings to deceased siblings, parents and grandparents.
For example, within a patrilineally linked world, such as the classic Greeks, children were said to be only related to their father and his lineage.
Individuals are named patrilineally (in most cases) and located in family groupings by household (beit av, literally father's house); these are embedded in clans (mishpakha, usually translated "family"); and these in turn are located in tribes (mateh, literally "branch," a confederation of clans), named by and listed in the order of the sons of Jacob/Israel, whose names came to be treated as tribal names.
Generally speaking, Dreamings inherited patrilineally are said to be "direct", and artists "own" these Dreamings and the designs connected to them, the equivalent of having a copyright.
This is particularly the case in matrilineal systems where men gain a permanent right over land and then bequeath it patrilineally to their children--a practice that has no precedent in custom.
patrilineally acquired, although long-term residence at
Pouwer's account shows that marriages took place between closely related partners--also patrilineally related partners, since lineages were not always exogamous - but also between partners who had lived at considerable distance from each other and who might have been either distantly related or unrelated.
That resources are inherited as well as controlled patrilineally, in turn, is the defining characteristic of patriliny.
Macbeth's genealogy, the earliest extant version of which, significantly, dates from the 1130s, traces his pedigree back patrilineally to Ferchar Foda, a Dalriadic king of the Cenel Loairn who died c.
Descent is traced patrilineally, not matrilineally, and rather than being Muslim, most of the village, formerly Kaharingan, are now Christian.