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based on or tracing descent through the male line


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The Toba Batak adhere to a patrilineal kinship system, she says, and the question is how they reproduced that system during the 80 years between 1861 and 1942 as they interacted dynamically with German missionaries and Dutch colonial administrators.
Patrilineal descent is thus descent from a man in his totemic aspect, and from the country itself, which is an infinite source of ancestral 'stuff'.
Por mi parte, en las etnografias realizadas con los gitanos catalanes de Mataro y los gitanos andaluces de La Mina en Cataluna (Lagunas, 2005 y 2010), describo sistemas de parentesco cognaticos y bilaterales con un colorido/gradacion patrilineal.
Furthermore, the village setting is where patrilineal lineages originate, which drives the imagination of locals; however, the patrilineal memory is characterized by a "floating gap" (p.
My one difference of opinion is with Thompson's description of the patrilineal descent decision by the Reform and Reconstructionist movements as a "watershed.
Many sweeping statements such as "All Amazonian groups are patrilineal.
Advertisements in the October 1970 and December 1970 issues of Artforum (displayed in a vitrine) emphasized this shedding of patrilineal affiliation; the latter features a full-page photo of Chicago as a boxer in the corner of the ring with her arms draped over the ropes and wearing a sweatshirt boldly emblazoned with her new name.
According to him, the significance of patrilineal descent in early Islamic society has been grossly exaggerated both in the traditional sources and in modern scholarship.
Mandela, born in Mvezo, a small village in South Africa Eastern Cape Province, on 18 July 1918, came from distinguished ancestors: his patrilineal great-grandfather Ngubengcuka ruled as a king of the Thembu people.
Although the criterion of Israelite identity in early times was patrilineal, based on bet av (the father's house) (Ex.
3) In all three novels, mixed-race sons dispute and disrupt white patrilineal authority, troubling the seemingly absolute divisions upon which Southern histories, identities, and social structures rest.
These were often based on (or at least expressed in the idiom of) kinship, including not only the well-known Akan matriclans, but also patrilineal links and marriage alliances.
Thus while women who willfully do what they should certainly further the projects of chastity, marriage, and patrilineal succession that characterize social normalcy, those projects appear as work and women are revealed to be the key workers.
Temes draws a connection to Zoroastrianism, whose once substantial population could not be sustained by patrilineal succession alone, and parallels this to the nearly vanished Chinese Jewish community.
Dowry inflation and a rigid patrilineal inheritance system meant that girls, and sometimes boys, were left in the care of charitable institutions rather than their families.