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based on or tracing descent through the male line


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Considering the intimate relationship between women's reproductive capacities and the red pigment, along with their responsibility of drawing the ancestral patrilineal clan designs, tapa recapitulates people's ontogenesis, the way they are conceived.
As a result, land and animal herds are managed by patrilineal descent groups (tribes and clans) to ensure grazing rights are kept clear and agricultural land remains productive.
This study also leaves some stones unturned: Arab never addresses the (possibly medieval mystery drama) origins of hundreds of English occupational and functional surnames that demonstrate how fundamentally manual labor and laborers inform pre-modern English notions of masculinity and patrilineal identity, nor does she remark on or provide any context for the book's intriguing 1647 cover illustration, which depicts contemporary workers as idealized character types but problematically positions them on a title page that accuses tradesmen of being preachers of dangerous and damnable tenets in and about the city of London.
With this said, Neal unfurls a patrilineal genealogy of past soul men--from Sam Cooke to AI Green--in which Kelly is situated.
Mandela, born in Mvezo, a small village in South Africa Eastern Cape Province, on 18 July 1918, came from distinguished ancestors: his patrilineal great-grandfather Ngubengcuka ruled as a king of the Thembu people.
Although we found no evidence of a matrilineal spatial structure, we did find evidence of a patrilineal structure at one study site, Valley Anchorage, where relatedness among males was negatively correlated with distance.
Although the criterion of Israelite identity in early times was patrilineal, based on bet av (the father's house) (Ex.
In terms of inheritance, although women from patrilineal societies in Africa are placed in a rather precarious structural position, in practice, they may sometimes be better off than their counterparts in matrilineal societies.
By contrasting a predominantly patrilineal East Asian family structure in Vietnam with what is often understood as a bilateral South-East Asian family structure in Indonesia, the paper seeks to provide interesting comparative insights into the adaptive strategies that the transnational family pursues in order to cope with the reproductive vacuum left behind by the migrant mother.
Consistent with patrilineal inheritance, the sacred texts set forth harsh penalties for adultery and other behaviors that lower the husband's probability of paternity.
It would appear that the patrilineal base for power and authority was not without a check.
This alienated will puts feminine subjects in conflict with patrilineal futurity, and the misogynist discourse that drives the homosocial separatism realizes its logical conclusion in the barren realm at play's end.
However, as males carry only one Y-chromosome, which is inherited solely from their fathers and which cannot therefore recombine with other chromosomes, it is possible to trace someone's patrilineal background and connections through the genetic material on that chromosome.
The lineage of the British and Bulgarian royal families is traced back to Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1750-1806), the patrilineal ancestor of Elizabeth II of Britain, Albert II of Belgium, and Simeon II of Bulgaria, and his wife Auguste.
In the newer world of patrilineal clans, on the other hand, one finds the precursor to nationalism: attacks on any member of another clan that has injured any member of your own.