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line of descent traced through the paternal side of the family


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The research -- mostly carried out by a group of researchers from the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) -- also indicated that Greek Cypriots in particular appear to share some haplotypes, or DNA signatures, with Calabrian Italians and Albanians, while Lebanese patrilineages also appear to be very close to those of both communities.
It is not only his mother's line that identifies hint as a kome, but also the patrilineage and seniority that, through moral authority, weigh on him like an injunction.
Even in strictly patrilineal societies, women are important as wives and mothers since their reproductive capacity is crucial to the maintenance of husband's lineage and it is because of women that men can have a patrilineage at all (p.
If such matrifilial "pulls" were normally counterbalanced by the jural authority of the patrilineage, rare cases of women bearing the children of two lineage brothers had a subversive rechanneling effect, in that such offspring as a sibling group shared all of their mother's blood but only half of their father's blood in common.
Women belong to other groups and "pollute" the patrilineage but, at the same time, allow for reproduction.
These three novels have in common their fraught examinations of patrilineage as the primary factor determining Southern identities and organizing relationships among Southern subjects.
the society recognises both the patrilineage and the matrilineage but assigns to each a different set of expectations.
Both these innovations, involuntary enfranchisement of Indian women and emphasis on the patrilineage of children, were strengthened in 1951 when the Indian Act was revised.
Although this has changed following revisions to the Hindu Code (1956) and changes in property rights for women caused by the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, many key rituals (including the kapalakriya and shradha death rituals') can only be performed by men, reinforcing the centrality of male responsibility for the continuity of the patrilineage.
The invocation of "the great spirit of the past" inscribes the men aboard the Nellie within the patrilineage of imperial manhood.
There are grandsons of King Abdulaziz with extensive government experience who are barely older than his youngest sons, and it is not clear if age or patrilineage will be the primary factor in deciding succession.
When a woman resumes going to the menstrual hut following her last birth, the husband's patrilineage is informed of the imminency of conception and cuckoldry risk," Strassmann said.
Robertson's study revealed a lot of facts and truths about Ga society, however her view of Ga society as having an ideology of male superiority is debatable, as societal emphasis on the patrilineage does not presume matrilineal inferiority.
Children who misbehave are told that they will bring shame not only to themselves but also to their parents and the other families in the whole patrilineage.
One of the purposes in the rape of Bosnian women is, within the system of patrilineage, to produce Serbian offspring, and hence the war can be seen to be continuing in her womb.