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line of descent traced through the paternal side of the family


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This is because the Ga say, even though a Ga person's bloodline comes from his/her patrilineage, that person also carries the blood of all four of his/her grandparents (Kilson 1974, 17).
In other words, while earlier literary forms assume a connection between aristocracy and virtue, the new novel form does not; in fact, the novel challenges that assumption and locates virtue and honor in the character of the individual rather than in his patrilineage or rank.
This striking anxiety about widows, with their anomalous gendered status and their problematic role as unbondable guarantor of a vulnerable male patrilineage, is as pervasive in Vives's text as they are in the Ephesian-widow tale and in many others of the period.
Detrimentally for the understanding of the issue of patrilineage in Faulkner's novel, the nouns "grandfather" and "father" are given in lower case (this is a consistent practice in this and many other Slavic translations).
The novelist sets his plot around the family's male lineage (the story of Abraham and his descendants is employed in parallel) and around Osama's dying father, noting that the obsession with patrilineage grows from its very weakness.
When a woman's "body" is given out in marriage, it is made clear that only one right is being transferred to her in-laws: the reproductive right to affiliate the children borne out of this union with their patrilineage.
And my own Whiteheadian patrilineage of the God who is the poet of the universe, the fellow sufferer who understands--does not intend to lessen God's power but to convert it: God's will translates into the divine eros of the universe, luring each event--to happen.
In abolitionist fiction, a mulatto's patrilineage immediately raises the question of illegitimacy and the horrors of rape and commodification.
They also risk losing their children if they attempt to leave (the offspring of a man belong to his patrilineage in the next life).
destroy his patrilineage, rendering his short-lived reign a barren one.
This man, named Quinto Lelio Africano, in the interests of his own patrilineage, prays to St.
It is writing in which matrilineal signature is erased, and patrilineage written in its place; in which the maternal voice is eclipsed by the paternal; male-embodiment is normative, and female-embodiment disavowed' (p.
Thus, Romanticism and Masculinity tends to construct a patrilineage with Burke at the head of the household, Coleridge, Cobbett, and Wordsworth the rebellious sons who come closest to outdoing the father, De Quincey and Hazlitt as weaker younger sons not quite as capable of manning a great gender disturbance.
A predominant example is that of the Nunggubuyu of eastern Arnhem Land, who had a three-level agnatic sociospatial structure consisting of patriclan subcamp, patrilineage sub-camp cluster, and domiciliary group.