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a person who murders their father

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the murder of your father

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Regarding the episode involving Ajatasatru's confession and the Buddha's response, SPS-S, SPS-T and SPS-C3 agree with the Pali version and see the king as irreparably damaged by the act of patricide.
The drama of symbolic patricide entered its final act on 2 June, when a judge sentenced the 84-year-old Mubarak to life imprisonment.
Pondering the dubious basis for Oedipus's guilt of patricide in this most ironic of plays, with ironies that so often point toward rather than away from the hero's guilt, Karl Harshbarger rightly asks, "If the play is built upon ironies, cannot there be irony in this, too?
The court appeared unimpressed by the argument by Nupur's lawyer that as a mother she could not have killed her daughter and that she has gone through enough trauma after the murder saying, "Legal history is replete with instances of matricide, patricide and fratricide.
Engaging with Kristeva's ideas, Nikolchina writes that "There is no symmetry between patricide and matricide; patricide produces lineage; matricide is perpetuated as erasure of the 'name of the mother'" (3).
Yet the shift in Egypt's psyche since its symbolic patricide demands assessment.
His thoughtful and heartfelt interpretation of Brahms's emotionally complex work based on a Scottish ballad of patricide is admirable.
24, 1973, 27 Saiko Saibansho keiji hanreishu [Keisuhu] 3, 265 (the Patricide case) translated in Lawrence W.
Cultural Catholics stay because the religion offers a replacement family (complete with celibate "'Fathers" and "Mothers Superior") that provides a "new lease on life" (156) and eases guilt from the original imaginative patricide.
And other limits as well: for Rinehart becomes Bliss, and Bliss becomes Sunraider, who becomes both cause and victim of a suicidal patricide.
Verdi's seldom-seen opera, set against the backdrop of the First Crusade, offers family strife, jealousy and, yes, even patricide.
Whereas Oedipus committed patricide and incest between parent and child, the "community of wives and children" involves infanticide (252) and incest between siblings.
to have lost one's father, through natural or violent death, through random violence or patricide [.
He said: "It's always recognised that the crime of patricide carries with it its own penalty, that the person has to live with it for the rest of his life.
Like the edifice of Poe's imagination, the Walworth mansion had become, over the years, an emblem of decay and fallen glory, leaving behind echoes of insanity and patricide.