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Thus, the evolution of these relationships during the fifteenth century can be traced in the changing patterns of patronage from the Albizzi family and Neri Capponi, who were allied with certain segments of the local patriciate, to Cosimo and later Lorenzo de' Medici, who aspired to be seen as patrons of Pistoia as a whole.
Another central theme in Connell's reconstruction is the structural split of the local patriciate into two parties, the Cancellieri and Panciarichi factions.
This brilliant and convincing picture of the local patriciate is completed by the examination of its interaction with Florentine policy towards Pistoia.
The patterns of spouse selection of these multi-generational family lines resemble those of the Venetian patriciate more than of any, let alone all, of the three strata of Molho's ruling class.
Most of our imperial Caesars were either born-in-the-purple patricians like the two Roosevelts or led by the hand--even nose--by the patriciate class, much as the elegant Secretary of State Dean Acheson guided the dazed Harry Truman.