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centered upon the father

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While we understood the impossibility of completely escaping patricentric knowledge and language, we saw our task as one of recognizing, naming and creating conceptually autonomous spaces for diverse women from around the world to come to alternative understandings and to act for effective change.
We wrote, explicitly, about creating feminist spaces in the university (Baker, Christiansen-Ruffman and Manicom, 1996) because the scholarship and the university remained, and remains, patricentric (see Christiansen-Ruffman, 1989).
Tyler makes a strong case for reading Belt as an extension of the myth of Demeter and Persephone, with narrative action allowing matricentric myth to redeem patricentric myth in the novel.
in the patricentric system, women live in many different contexts which
Explanation of hierarchy requires a much more careful examination and a more graded development than one that elevates all female figurines to goddesses, ignores the implications of the fact that goddesses were paramount in patricentric and patriarchal societies, dismisses complex transitions in social structures and values with inexplicable invasions, and evokes myths that are more characteristic of Disneyland exhibitions than authentic folk traditions.