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a form of social organization in which a male is the family head and title is traced through the male line

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Ironically, despite their fierce opposition to a patriarchy consisting of white males, feminist critics from the start have mostly followed the teaching of three white European males--Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Jacques Lacan.
With her ambitious book, Avuncularism: Capitalism, Patriarchy and Nineteenth-Century English Culture, Eileen Cleere hopes "to loosen the nuclear family's hold upon Victorian culture .
She makes the point that both capitalist patriarchy and religious patriarchy share similar aspects: "domination of men with religious or economic power over other humans and Earth; devaluation of women, workers, and other beings; disconnection from Earth and living cultures and economies.
Like discourse which is 'language that has already made history' (2), patriarchy consists of concepts reified via language to become history.
Unfortunately, as "enlightened" as the liberalism of the English dissenters and King may have intended to be, the ages-old narrative of patriarchy and sexism renders unsteady the hope for a "leveling of the living" and "redemptive community" envisioned by their respective traditions.
Her shrewd attention to detail and innovative analytical approach not only clarify the complex and often incongruent relationship between patriarchy and manhood, but also shed light on the fragility of men's social legitimacy and access to patriarchal authority in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The film juxtaposes anti-colonial resistance under French rule with the struggle against Tunisian upper class patriarchy and its complicity in supporting colonial power.
In America's particular mix of racist patriarchy and homophobia, the clean, upstanding, hyper-heterosexualized, black male body has long been the gold standard of black cultural and personal worth.
days of the women's movement, we understood that patriarchy was the
The feminist movement and theology were exploding and structural analysis of patriarchy was starting to blossom.
According to the norms of patriarchy and male dominance, men are expected to have excessive sexuality which must be controlled, while women are seen as passive objects of sex.
She identifies the linchpins of late fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century patriarchy as the doctrine of coverture in common law, primogeniture with male entail, arranged marriages, limitations of widows' property rights, and a misogynistic ideology based on classical philosophy, Christian theology, and early modern science.
In my earlier days as a community organizer, one of the debates we used to explore was the topic of patriarchy in the Cordilleras.
But the Orthodox Church in each patriarchy is independent of the others, and there are some differences now amoung the patriarchies.
The accusation by the Western world that it is in the Third World and the orient that patriarchies continue to exist in the most severe forms, is not only an example of continued Western arrogance, xenophobia and racism, but also a very serious refusal to analyze and engage with the complex workings of patriarchy within Western societies themselves.