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(of societies) being ruled by or having descent traced through the male line

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Only after they have begun to carve out the difference between a beloved soul mate and an embodiment of patriarchic haunting, they are able to characterize their own previous behavior as the result of a "machine," a "program," a tragic pattern (DB 357, 359) that amounts to nothing larger than doing a failed order's "dirty work" (DB 360).
Rather than empowering them, consent would reinforce patriarchic gender norms.
Family structure is patriarchic, women are supposed to do only the minor works, and are restricted from making decisions and sharing responsibilities, outside their homes.
Despite decades of scholarship focused on the history of women, scholars such as Kuehn and Strocchia continue to unearth areas in which women were not only important, but essential to the functioning and shape of their patriarchic society.
The essence of the statement in 'second sex', eloquently explains the extent of domination that a patriarchic society exercises upon the women, merely because of her naturally attained virtue of the feminine gender.
In patriarchic societies, like Algeria at least, that authority lies, as Lacan would no doubt have stressed, with the father--in his name (for he is already incorporated within the linguistically endorsed universe), in his ability to say no, that is, in his identification with the law: "We must recognize support for the symbolic function in the name of the father who since the beginning [oree] of historical time identifies his person with the figure of the law" (Lacan 278).
This means that the jama'at groups in practice tended to follow the somewhat patriarchic religious culture in Bangladesh.
In the painting, local and universal patriarchic symbols of might: the palm tree and fist cancel whatever power she holds.
One reported that in September Rwanda's parliament became the first in the world where women constitute a majority, startling evidence of emerging gender equality in this traditionally patriarchic society.
Having gained some reknown for her analysis of the origins of patriarchic power in The Chalice and the Blade, Eisler (president, Center for Partnership Studies) here turns her attention to economic power.
This feminizes pedagogical seduction by harkening to a patriarchic view of the process: the imposition of knowledge is, we are assured, to be alluring and safe and gentle.
Although many equate educational transmission with patriarchic, middle-classed, and Anglocentric culture in public schools transmission is actually a very complicated and multifaceted project.
Instead, Picard finishes with a discussion of noteworthy moments of choreography or stage production that experimentally ruptured the predominant white, patriarchic, heterosexual aesthetic in ballroom dance.
Using feminist analysis, we can also see how the increasing militarization of modern life--whether in the Middle East or the United States--reinforces patriarchic and hierarchical structures and attitudes that value obedience and the use of violence.
But I find it hard to believe that Lisa's sole interest in pastoral is corruption, that XEclogue is first and foremost a bad dream visited on the sleeping solipsists of our patriarchic culture.