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(of societies) being ruled by or having descent traced through the male line

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First, patriarchic views (as read above) informed by stereotypical masculine views have a long historical tradition of existence, dating back to the works of Plato and Aristotle, from amongst the early mainstream Western philosophers.
The Qazaq force was supervised by the Russian officers and had not patriarchic feeling and according to Kave, they just applied the plans of the Tsar government in Iran [9].
For example, the study discovered some hurdles to co-education such as patriarchic system, male dominancy, conservatism, rigid customs and traditions, stereotyped social codes, acute and chronic poverty, male insularity towards women role, complex social structure, Pardah (veil) system, religious misperceptions, illiterate Mullah (clergymen), gender disparities, female segregation, domestic affairs and lack of women political empowerment.
6] This patriarchic model of representative agency for protagonists has been problematized from various points of view.
Another characteristic of gender roles that has survived from the past up until now is the patriarchic type of families and couples.
It is very difficult in that society to fight for women's rights, because it is very patriarchic and misogynist.
In his book on American literature, Dong Henxun read Hawthorne in a similar way: Hester Prynne was "a victim of bourgeois patriarchic, theological, and political power" (76).
Growing up in a patriarchic family, the participant developed a tendency to live her life depending on the given authority and environment.
Cultures where family bonds are strong and families are predominantly patriarchic, such as Saudi culture, tend to place the decision making with elders of the family without really caring about rights or confidentiality.
In Pakistan's patriarchic social structure almost every social institution is headed by a male member investing in them the decision making authority.
It began in the 1960s with the civil rights movement and the challenge to white domination, then the feminist movement and the weakening of a patriarchic order, and the environmental movement and the challenge to industrialization without limits.
Farrell & McDermott 2005, 41) This creates a situation where these groups need to provide evidence of the abuses faced by women, often creating portrayals of women as victims of patriarchic oppression.
260) Feminist literature describes rape as one aspect of women's sexual vulnerability and exploitation under patriarchic society.
However, Pamuk's notion of free and individuated Islamists in the provincial Turkish setting may smack of an idealistic vision rather than an accurate representation of the current social reality, which is largely patriarchic and repressive.
The values promoted by the government today are patriarchic rule by the bat'ka (or "father"), the fair distribution of prosperity and maintaining close ties with Russia.