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characteristic of a form of social organization in which the male is the family head and title is traced through the male line

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First, both racism and patriarchalism prevent individuals from reaching their full potential as human beings.
Merchant's work explores the consequences of such ideals in terms of US environmental legacies, while also stressing the patriarchalism infusing garden-based ideals.
In her repudiation of the postfeminist "popular feminism" of contemporary media culture, Angela McRobbie (2008, 539) warns against the "tidal wave of invidious insurgent patriarchalism which is hidden beneath the celebrations of female freedom.
They were supposedly characterized by a stern morality, typical for highlanders, and a patriarchalism of which Cvijic took note, as well.
The connections between Nazism and characteristic features of the Grimm tales has been discussed by Jack Zipes, who has highlighted the patriarchalism and authoritarianism they both embody: "Hitler thought of himself as a wise king who wanted to wield power for his people and to prevent sinister forces from invading the Fatherland.
Ghada, Karmi, 1996, "Women, Islam and Patriarchalism," in Mai Yamani, ed.
This includes criticism of central features of Bonhoeffer's theology: his patriarchalism, his assumed perspective as a separative self, and the dangers of advocating "surrender" and submissiveness in relation to others.
In "Elizabeth Hamilton's Domestic Politics" (1994), Thaddeus lambasts these scholars for stereotyping Hamilton's work as "conservative," arguing that twentieth-century feminists' own ideological investment in the revolutionary debates of the 1790s had led to an unscrupulous conflation of anti-Jacobinism, conservatism, and patriarchalism on the one hand and Jacobinism, liberalism, and feminism on the other:
28) Revolutionary nationalism played a crucially important part in the radicalisation of nationalist ideology; this was defined by patriarchalism, traditionalism, ruralism and xenophobia and was based on the belief that the nationalist state and democracy could not coexist.
An example of one of these symbolic struggles is the crisis of patriarchalism provoked by women who
212) This patriarchalism was "supported by an official and
Van Gogh repudiated the scholasticism of 18th and 19th century Reformed Theology, the brazen racism and elitism of the caste structured Dutch culture, and the inauthenticity of the church's claims to represent Christ while it hid away in its wealthy and carefully-disguised Bourgeois patriarchalism.
Natural rights" they regard as an ideology of patriarchalism that justified the rule of white males.
The last stanza of "Small Passing" openly propagates the idea that, despite the reality of social, racial, gender and class differences imposed by what Bowen calls "the patriarchalism of nineteenth-century Calvinism" (1996: x) that characterised apartheid ideology, it is possible and, indeed, essential within certain contexts, for black and white women to bond and form their own solidarity.
Had a deeper engagement with the origins and causes of violence been addressed, we may have seen a more sustained programmatic approach that dealt with the nature of gender power, of masculinism, militarism and patriarchalism as well as the forms of predatory sexuality that were germane to the various cultural communities.