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characteristic of a form of social organization in which the male is the family head and title is traced through the male line

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Finally, when the infirmities of Father Ephraim had admonished him to seek a successor in his patriarchal office, he thought of Adam and Martha, and proposed to renew, in their persons, the primitive form of Shaker government, as established by Mother Ann.
The aged Father sank back exhausted, and the surrounding elders deemed, with good reason, that the hour was come when the new heads of the village must enter on their patriarchal duties.
The Patriarchs were not dressed in bottle-green broadcloth, and yet his clothes looked patriarchal.
As if there were a secret understanding between herself and Clennam of the most thrilling nature; as if the first of a train of post-chaises and four, extending all the way to Scotland, were at that moment round the corner; and as if she couldn't (and wouldn't) have walked into the Parish Church with him, under the shade of the family umbrella, with the Patriarchal blessing on her head, and the perfect concurrence of all mankind; Flora comforted her soul with agonies of mysterious signalling, expressing dread of discovery.
Modern industry has converted the little workshop of the patriarchal master into the great factory of the industrial capitalist.
All things about the place carried out the patriarchal air which emanated from the inside as well as the outside of the house.
All these persons knew each other so well, and their habits and ways were so familiarly patriarchal, that if by chance the old Abbe de Sponde was lying down, or Mademoiselle Cormon was in her chamber, neither Josette, the maid, nor Jacquelin, the man-servant, nor Mariette, the cook, informed them.
Patriarchal Vicar of the Patriarchal Archdiocese of Damascus Matta al-Khoury said that by holding this event, Sabro volunteer team sought to liken the current situation in Syria to the Christmas manger, which provided a sanctuary for Jesus Christ and his mother the Virgin Mary, just like Syria has room for all its children.
Summary: The film follows Iman and Nora who go against patriarchal traditions
Download Rahi welcomes Belgian Minister of State NNA - Maronite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rai on Friday welcomed at the Patriarchal Summer residence in Daman, Belgian Minister of State, Andr Flahaut, who visited him in the company of Belgian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alex Lenaerts, and other embassy officials.
This study tested the relationship between self-esteem, gender, and leadership aspirations and examined the potential interaction effect of patriarchal attitudes.
The major findings throw light on the fact that women related crime news reports are carefully crafted representation of typical patriarchal culture where they are embedded.
Scholars of literature, history, and the classics offer readings of key texts in the history of patriarchalism as a concept of power, drawing attention to moments of contestation or re-negotiation of patriarchal parameters and their reflection in the printed word.
Revolution in information and communication technology has helped in the dissemination of patriarchal values through 'objectification' of women in the name of 'liberation' from the grip of tradition.
Adriana Lisboa's acclaimed, 2001 novel Sinfonia em branco chronicles the failure of the patriarchal family to adapt to changing social mores and accept the emergence of new social subjects.