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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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This suggested that the survival pathway, IGF-1 signaling, might be up-regulated in cardiac tissue of rats exposed to SHS (Figure 5).
The hedgehog pathway caught the attention of cancer researchers when studies revealed that people with Gorlin's syndrome, a hereditary condition that leaves a person highly susceptible to medulloblastoma, often lack a protein that acts as a brake on the pathway, says Berman.
AxCell's growing signal transduction technology platform, such as its proprietary ProChart database, Genetic Diversity Library(tm), Cloning of Ligand Targets(tm), and affinity screening technologies are specifically designed to shorten the drug discovery process by allowing researchers to define the best point for intervention in a protein pathway to maximize beneficial pharmacological effects while minimizing potential toxicity.
1991) defined hope as, "a cognitive set that is based on a reciprocally derived sense of successful agency (goal-directed determination) and pathways (planning to meet goals)" (p.
Pathway 1 requires no additional education for licensure beyond that needed to sit for the exam (i.
By using the pathway to look at SCI care, we are able to perform just such a quality analysis.
Outpatient critical pathways will give your practice a head start on insurer-mandated pathways
Two saints who likely followed this pathway are Saints Thomas Aquinas and Teresa of Avila.
Since then, critical pathways -- also called Critical Pathway Care Maps, Action Plans, Multidisciplinary Action Plans, or Clinical Pathways -- have been adapted to meet the needs of different health care organizations that are implementing so-called case management models, the basis of subacute care programs that are evolving today.
However, receiving a detailed report on your genetic make-up and understanding how to best use the information included in your report are two different things--and this is another area in which Pathway Genomics stands out in the industry.
Kelley adds that research into the mTOR cell growth-triggering protein pathway may prove to be that application.
Romanski's team used microscopic electrodes to find the starting points for each acoustic pathway in four rhesus monkeys.
These genes appeared to be involved in the effects of TCDD on the retinoic acid signal transduction pathway.
This construction process, or pathway, relies on specific enzymes that facilitate each step in the synthesis of isoprenoids.
By integrating Ingenuity Pathway Analysis with JMP Genomics, our joint customers will have a robust and reliable solution for analyzing and interpreting their data," said Tuan Nguyen, Vice President, Partner and Professional Services of Ingenuity Systems.