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a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis

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In our practice, neurosurgeons operate late into the evening, and a pathologist is often requested for frozen section.
We know many people understand little about the role the pathologist plays in their diagnosis and treatment.
Imagine this scenario: a breast cancer patient sample is sent to a local pathologist in Iowa.
We're fortunate to have an expert pathologist and a radiologist on site at the time of surgery to help determine whether all the cancer has been adequately excised.
Schumer today announced support for a major initiative, with leadership from Monroe County and the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine, to create New York States first ever forensic pathologists (FP) fellowship program - outside of New York City.
The aim is to achieve a solution that (1) provides fair, market-based compensation for pathology services rendered without a preexisting agreement between pathologist and payer; (2) prevents unilateral determination of final reimbursement by payer for pathology services; and (3) provides for fair and timely arbitration of disputes that may arise between pathologist and payer.
VoiceOver integrates directly with all major AP systems and expands upon core Dragon Medical functionality to ensure the highest levels of success with speech recognition in a laboratory environment, empowering Pathologists to save time, save money, and save lives.
So next time you see your doctor, ask him to pass on a word of thanks to his colleague, the unsung hero, the pathologist.
The health ministry had secured a court order on Thursday asking the pathologists to carry out the procedure or face legal consequences.
The 63-year-old failed to meet standards expected of a Home Office pathologist and acted in a way liable to bring the profession into disrepute when he changed the woman's cause of death in 2005.
The e-Pathologist system uses "machine intelligence" to detect tissue and cell features and make quantitative measurements of key structures in digitized images of slides of tissue sections stained conventionally with Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E) or subjected to immunohistochemistry reagents to assist pathologists in making decisions that may contribute to the clinical management of cancer.
As a Speech-Language Pathologist serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I feel that a new book written by Mary Lynch Barbera with Tracy Rasmussen entitled The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to teach children with autism and related disorders will be a real find for other Speech-Language Pathologists serving children with autism spectrum disorder.
Eight past studies looked at whether the sweetener causes cancer in lab animals, says veterinary pathologist James Swenberg of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Paul Raslavicus, MD, FCAP, a pathologist who dedicated his career to the advancement of patient health care, was named the 2004 Pathologist of the Year by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).
And that is, just biopsy it, let the pathologist fix it, and look under the microscope.