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benevolent but sometimes intrusive

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The basic idea in this article is that in some sense it is more paternalistic to make policy assuming that the consistent choosers are making a mistake than it is to make policy assuming that the inconsistent choosers are doing so.
On the other hand, companies with very low turnover, such as institutions of higher learning, will want to be paternalistic to reward employees and create loyalty, he says.
Research Question 1: Does paternalistic leadership affect college English teachers' teaching efficacy?
In particular, they endeavor "to see if they could successfully meet what might be thought of as the John Stuart Mill challenge: are there circumstances in which the individual's own good is sufficient warrant to justify a paternalistic intervention?
The second common theory of paternalism focuses on the distinctive intention behind paternalistic interference.
The Coalition Government has justified its policies more in terms of welfare dependency, whereas the Labor Government to a greater extent has used the discourse of social inclusion, but both are comparably paternalistic.
But, at the same time, one can be fairly certain that there will be no permanent return to the paternalistic model of governance that enabled dictators to flourish, and tempted the international community to accommodate them.
Attitudes towards disabled people in South Wales have been 'quite paternalistic and welfare-orientated', according to campaigners
When a deal goes south he resorts to evermore desperate and bone-headed lengths to get the cash he owes his deceptively paternalistic supplier, Milo (Zlatko Buric, reprising his role from the Danish original).
THE photo of a lady at work some 50 years ago (Mail, August 3) reminded me of my late uncle Hugh telling me that while life was really tough working in heavy industry in Birmingham, some firms did attempt to introduce a paternalistic culture which helped to instil a sense of identity and loyalty from the workforce.
anti-obesity policies are paternalistic, it is necessary to first define
Chief Shane Gottfriedson of the Tk'emlups Indian Band calls the proposed First Nations Transparency Act, Bill C-27, paternalistic and regressive.
Many companies that have always taken a paternalistic approach will be finding the current market conditions particularly tough as they are forced to make decisions they thought they would never need to make.
Critics believe such measures are paternalistic, overreaching the state's authority and imposing a particular view of the good life.