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the right granted by a patent

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The Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the Tax Court's decision that an individual's receipt of patent royalties was ordinary income, not long-term capital gain, because the payments were made in exchange for patent rights transferred to a related corporation.
Reexamination of Patent Application and Invalidation of Patent Right
China's Guidebook for Pharmaceutical Patent Protection provides a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the Chinese patent system relating to pharmaceuticals, the detailed administrative, civil and criminal judicial pathways for protections of patent right, and the design for composition of optimized protection strategies.
The patent rights include granted patents extending through at least 2026.
patent rights are not exhausted by an authorized sale of a patented article outside the United States.
Assessment of patent rights during a due diligence exercise is often the key consideration for technology-based businesses.
the competitive scope of the patent rights by analysing the scope of the granted claims;
During the discussion held on Wednesday 10 April, President Rajapaksa spoke to the delegation about the problem Sri Lanka is facing with regard to patent rights of various plants and herbs and requested assistance in reacquiring those patent rights.
Patent rights ordinarily remain with the employee in the absence of an express agreement stating otherwise.
time, charging the latters iOS and Mac computer infringe its patent rights.
By aggregating patent rights for existing and emerging tests that may lead to personalized treatment (e.
system that already consistently overvalues patent rights compared to
While we would have preferred not to have to litigate, we are very pleased that our patent rights have been vindicated and that infringing products will be off the market as a result of this settlement," said Dan Freeman, Wiley X Eyewear vice president.
The book describes actual scenarios encountered by engineers and scientists, highlighting the protection of latent patent rights that may exist within an invention or technical solution.